Does anyone play video games like skyrim? I love a good fantasy game with dragons and knights and this is by far the best. I have always been curious how other people feel about going bad? I always end up being a goody goody in games. First because it tends to be more of a challenge, and part of me feels its wrong, even in a game world. Any opinions?

I feel bad playing bad… I don’t play that particular game. I play their other series, Fallout. I’m missing out on some achievements but even in a fictitious gaming universe, I have a problem playing a bad guy.

I suffer from that same problem. I just can’t do the assassination quests. Heck, even the Thieves Guild quests are something I put off until I have done everything else, at which point the game is somehow less real. :blush:

I was just thinking about Skyrim. Well, I don’t like playing the good character just because. But I could never fully be at ease playing the bad guy. I agree that playing the good character is more of a challenge,

I’m currently playing an evil character, but I always play a good character for my first playthrough (although she seemed to get herself into situations where she ended up doing bad things).

I loved the Dark Brotherhood quests in Oblivion, that whole faction was humorous in a very dark and twisted way (and I do mean very dark and twisted). I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like in Oblivion.

I’m generally play the good guy in Elder Scrolls and in Skyrim. However I do pick-pocket tlike a mad man and I have joined the theives guild because I don’t want to miss out on the content.

It’s a great game.

Death to the Stormcloaks!

Haha, thats a funny thing to ask. I play it good also, I figure as soon as you replicate doing something illegal in a gameword it is psychologically easier to do it in real life.

Worryingly similar in a way to how satan can convince you that you have done something wrong where you haven’t, in order to rope you into a worse sin. I can only imagine it even more damaging if you don’t feel remorse at all given that the imaginary sin is “only just a game”. Better safe than sorry for that reason alone imo.

You guys really don’t even steal in the game? COME ON? I don’t believe it!

Hey, I can’t justify it. :blush:

It just bothers me. I don’t know why. Certainly I don’t see anything wrong with fictional stealing by a fictional character in a highly fictional world. Clearly a game which has a talking crab and minotaurs and friendly lizard people isn’t to be taken seriously.

I guess I DO have too much to sell anyway. :slight_smile:

I haven’t killed anybody though. I do want to fill the black soul gems and I’ve got to figure how to do this without killing anybody.

Oh, and I’m tempted to take out my companions when they STAND DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE DOOR!!! :mad::mad:

They put me to shame. I can’t even imagine obeying the traffic laws in ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ let alone refrain from the myriad of other grotesque things one can do in the game.

Oh, and I’m tempted to take out my companions when they STAND DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE DOOR!!!

I admit, when I play war games, like Call of Duty or Battlefield, I sometimes get impatient and commit friendly fire when my ‘teammates’ get in my way. Of course, when the bots just walk right in front of my active machine-gun, then I have no qualms, they have it coming. :o

Be aware then there is a connection established between the two games in a subtle way in the Dark Brotherhood quest line in Skyrim.

I think I might kill Mavin Black Briar even though I am supposed to help her. I think she is a real jerk.

Ooh, I’ve stolen in Skyrim!
Here is my story of petty thievery:

So basically, I go into The Drunken Huntsman (in Whiterun) and into one of the bedrooms, close the door, and steal everything in the room (without incurring a bounty), a few days later (in-game) these hired thugs attack me outside Dawnstar, and when I loot their bodies, I find a contract from the owner of the Huntsman! It was as if he’d gone into the room after the fact, figured out I’d stolen his stuff (even though there was a guest sleeping in the room at the time), and sent the thugs after me!

Serves me right for stealing things, but I thought it was cool that they were able to implement something like that into the game.

My favorite place to steal from are the potion/ingrediant stores. I clear them out every time I go in.

Just started playing this! It’s a much-less lewd version of Fallout set in the late ancient world. I used to play New Vegas, but I just felt it somehow interrupted my relationship with Our Father.

Tell this noob, please: have any of you noticed any Christian elements or motifs in this game?

I don’t look for religion in video games. But, no I haven’t. These games tend to be made by non-believers so I wouldn’t expect to either.

Because of my experience with New Vegas (I also suffer from scruples, so that is probably a big part of it), I am only playing it as a way to relate to my fallen-away brother (we have a lot of disagreement and misunderstanding). I’m trying to bridge a gap between us.

I, kind of do the same thing with my father. He is a pretty socially incompetant guy and I have a hard time finding things to talk about with him. I bought him Skyrim so atleast we’d have something.

Yea definately, I don’t know whether or not that’s good or bad though. The preacher intentionally sounds like he is talking about Jesus. There is also that woman “god” who looks exactly the same as Mary, and the monks that wear practically the same robes as Franciscans.

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