Slain Kansas abortion provider's clinic to close

WICHITA, Kan. – The Wichita clinic of slain abortion provider George Tiller will be “permanently closed,” his family said Tuesday.

Operations at Women’s Health Care Services Inc. had been suspended since Tiller’s death May 31. In a statement released by his attorneys, Tiller’s family said it will close, effective immediately.

one less death mill, a whole lot left to go.

I would appreciate it if you would deign to show more charity in your choice of topic headings rather than inflammatory remarks. That shows a complete lack of charity on your part.



i dont see it. each word in the heading was an accurate descriptor.

i think this is happy news, that the prayers of so many have been answered and this slaughterhouse will not reopen.

Sickening. Without getting into the moral debates about abortion, one cannot call it murder without either a) downright lying or b) misleading.

Way to go, supporting a MURDER of a DOCTOR. You think this is a good thing? I think you should go see your local priest or therapist and discuss why you think murdering a doctor–regardless of his profession–is a good thing.

It cannot be murder as it is NOT illegal. 1. The unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice.

Abortion is not unlawful killing–it maybe be morally suspect to you but you cannot call it murder without lying or being disingenuous.

I am not even getting into the fetus/baby/embryo/zygote debate.




the laws of God are higher than the laws of man. just because man allows something doesnt make it so. was the jewish holocaust not murder since it was legal in nazi germany?

i do not support tiller’s killing, and i do not support calling him a doctor. he was a butcher. and yes i am very glad his clinic will not reopen.

the only lie is when someone denies that abortion is murder. each and every time a person is killed with malice in a premediated way. the unjust laws supporting it are laws we are not bound by.

Maybe not by man’s perverted “positive law” but by God’s Natural Law it is. When the two are in conflict, we are obligated to follow God’s Natural Law and to oppose/ignore man’s “positive law”. That is the way it is.

He is a murderer for killing innocent living beings made in God’s image and I am glad his death mill is closing. However, I would of like it to have been with him being jailed for life.

I found this article about a patient of Mr.Tiller who had her baby terminated at 36 weeks because he had Downs Syndrome. 36 weeks is practically full term, it isn’t considered premature. Now if the same baby were born at 36 weeks and Mr. Tiller did the same exact thing, plunge a needle into his heart with poison intending to kill him, that would be considered murder 1. The baby wasn’t effecting the mother’s health at all. She could have given birth, and given him up for adoption. But little Down Syndrome babies don’t have human rights in this culture of death.:(:mad::frowning:

The gassing of Jews was not illegal in Germany at one time. In Catholic theology the taking of innocent human life is murder. Abortion is murder. If this is unpleasant and uncomfortable, then it is up to you to examine why.

As far as lying, then take your own advice. Nothing in the original post or subsequent to it supported the murder of this doctor. Yes, he was a doctor, although a very evil one.

FYI - Catholics define things like abortion theologically, not semantically. You used the wrong dictionary.

While I cannot and do not condone the murder of George Tiller, I view the closing of his clinic to be a very, very good thing.

And, Mattyc4, semantics aside, Tiller DID murder babies even if that very real fact is not supported by the legal definition of murder that you supplied. Please see:

If you don’t want to read or consider the essay at the above link, then at least read this brief excerpt:

“…Let there be no confusion: the motivation behind these abortions is not the termination of an unwanted pregnancy. Once pregnancy has reached viability, doctors can perform abortion without engaging in an act of killing. The motivation behind these abortions is the destruction of an unwanted fetus, the elimination of an unwanted child. Tiller himself seems willing to concede the point. From his own mouth, “it is unplanned and unwanted motherhood that shipwrecks women’s lives, not unplanned pregnancy.” (George R. Tiller, Victory Rally and Declaration of Reproductive Independence, Wichita, Kansas, July 13, 2001”…

Slavery was once legal in this country and its a part of the history of the USA that should make us ashamed.

Abortion, especially LATE TERM abortion, is the killing of an innocent child who has committed no crime. Though, I guess that being “defective” is now a crime? Or being conceived at the wrong time is a crime? Or being an unborn female child is now a crime?

that is a sad story. i am glad this abortion clinic of dr. tiller has closed for good. i hope that one will not reopen to take its place. as long as the clinic was open, i felt like kansas had a stain. i don’t know how many more clinics are in kansas or around the country. i read an article the other day by ann coulter. she says that 49 million babies have been aborted since roe v. wade and 5 abortion doctors have been killed. it seems like the pro-abortion side has more blood on their hands than the pro-life. i pray for the day when there will not be any more abortion clinics and no more abortions performed in this country. i think that i did read once that fewer doctors were willing to perform abortions now. i hope the number continues to decrease.


Although I’m new posting here, as one who has lurked for years, I must advise you that you will receive little sympathy for your apparent views, something I suspect you have already realized.

Liberals have controlled the courts in the U.S. for years now and the courts rule by judicial fiat; legislating from the bench and ruling by decree. If the Burger Court had stayed out of the issue and allowed the majority of 200 million or so (at the time) Americans to decide this issue, as opposed to their unmitigated arrogance in taking it upon themselves on a majority of nine basis, then there would have been far less dissension, let alone violence, regarding the issue.

In most other Western democracies, abortion was legalized by legislative initiative. None has seen anything like the dissension we have seen over the issue in America.

In that light, the courts in Kansas have “interpreted” the Kansas legislation restricting third trimester abortions to reasons of the impairment of a major bodily function in regard to the mother as including the mental health of the mother, rendering abortion on demand up to almost the point of birth as de fato legal there as any woman can simply claim she is seriously depressed because of her pregnancy.

I would like to ask all something of a factual nature. Is there any evidence that Dr. Tiller, for reasons of conscience as opposed to financial reasons, ever refused to perform a requested abortion at his clinic? (I am not implying that he refused because the woman couldn’t foot his fee. I don’t know if he had done such or not. If he had, I simply want to exclude that reason.)

Thanks to all.

and thats just in this country. globally over the last 40 years planned parenthood puts the number at 1 BILLION.


Way to go supporting the MURDER of thousands of INNOCENT BABIES.

The dictionary writers are not the final authority on the meaning of a word. In fact, they have become sloppier and sloppier each year. They don’t (or won’t or can’t) even give the origin of words anymore. I use older versions you buy in the used book store. Try one those.

my local paper has an article regarding the closure and nearly every comment is profiling right to lifers as terrorists and someone even said

**Wow oxana wrote on June 9, 2009 9:14 pm:" Do you suppose that being gunned down in God’s house, Dr Tiller might have asked for forgiveness of his sins and gone straight to heaven? God would be the one to judge what was and was not a sin. Or maybe God became so embarrassed buy what was being done in his name that he took the good doctor straight to the nice section of heaven, you know, the golf course by the pearly gates. God may have asked Dr Tiller for forgiveness for creating the kind of religious perversion that allows people to kill in his name. I bet that’s what happened. "
I am pretty sure that God doesn’t overlook the deaths of 60,000 of his creations that were sent as GIFTS of NEW LIFE not burdens.

yeah unlike tiller, obama, and the people who support abortion with their votes i’m glad i wont have millions of innocents crying out to the Throne for justice when i’m judged.

A) Tiller was a homicidal maniac.

B) Slavery was once legal, too. Should we refer to it as “Enhanced Employment” instead?

IF abortion is not murder what do you call taking a young innocent child and having his limbs pulled apart one by one while he is still alive called?

The unborn child has a heart beat at 4 weeks, it is believed that his nervious system is fully or should be fully functioning at 8 weeks, Mr. Tiller was preforming these abortions on these children who could feel every bit of their murder all the way up to weeks or eve perhaps days before their scheduled birth. That my friend is murder there is no way out of that. How you or any one can say other wise is beyond me? Now THAT my friend is what is truly sickening.

Not only permanently closed but with the consideration to be bought by the Operation Rescue.:slight_smile:
Its leader said today that wants to purchase the building to turn it into a memorial museum, “a tribute to the babies,” for visitors.:slight_smile:

God works slowly but does not forget His suffering children, that’s for sure.:slight_smile:

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