Slandering Holy Mother Church, what can be done?


Does anyone know of anything that can be done when the Catholic Church is slandered. For instance, I was listening to Mr. Mike Gendron on local protestant radio on Saturday (actually the program is on many stations throughout the country so this isn’t just a local issue). He said that Catholicism is closer to Islam than Christianity and then did a little song and dance to “prove” it. Then he called pretty much the whole magesterium, including Benedict XVI and JP II anti-semetic. The show was full of such nonsense. I am not obsessed or angry about this program but I think Holy Mother Church needs to be defended as the bride of Christ from such attacks. And don’t respond with “pray for them”. I was all weekend. I’ve contacted the Catholic League. Any other suggestions would be helpful. By the way, I am not going to post a link to where the show can be listened to. If you want to PM me I will send it to you.

I have complained to the station manager and he says he doesn’t control what individually syndicated programs say and it’s just their opinion. I’ve contacted the program and Mr. Gendron and just got back more anti-catholic garbage, Catholicism doesn’t believe in Jesus totally saving and totally purifying. This is not about opininos about Catholicism but outright slander as I see it.

Thanks for the input.

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Actually Fundamentalist Protestants are closer to Islam.

  1. They look at the Bible in the same way Moslems look at the Koran, as a book that somehow was dictated verbatim by God and is literally inerrant unless is John 6.
  2. They, like the Moslems, do not have a Pope. Each sheik issues the fatwas he want.
  3. They are rabid Creationists.



You might want to read more Belloc. “Survivals and New Arrivals” is particularly of interest.

The Catholic Church being the True Church, she is alien to this world. Because she is alien to this world, and because she possesses the fullness of Truth, she and she alone will be constantly attacked from all sides.

Thus, the slanderous, lying piffle put out by people who claim to be Christians while ignoring various Commandments is the best indication that the Catholic faith is well-placed.

The Church has survived the gladiator pits, having her clergy and faithful turned into human candles to light Nero’s gardens, the pillaging “Reformers”, and Nazi dungeons. Surely she will survive a poorly-rated radio program.


Contact the Catholic Anti-Defamation League.



I understand that. I do agree with you and listening to such nonsense confirms my faith as an experience apologist. But I am concerned about the flock. Protecting those who are not as up on defending the faith to me is the issue, maybe by their own fault but maybe they just have not had the opportunity to find the answers and such things cause them to stumble. These people pray on those who do not have the knowledge that I have and I am concerned for their souls.


Your concern is of course a noble one. Buck up, though—it is no longer possible for such anti-Catholic bigotry to go unchecked. There are simply too many ways to expose such lies. And when those lies are exposed, how many will cling to the liars then?


Gendron makes his living off of his a-C propaganda, and even then it’s mostly rhetoric without substance. Here’s a refutation I did of his onsite effort to evangelize Catholics. Re: Hard Questions to Ask Good Catholics (By Mike Gendron) If he was half the “scholar” that he purports himself to be then he wouldn’t’ve left the Catholic faith.

One way that you can counter it is to tell that station that if they are going to run such things that they need to offer Catholics equal time. That’s essentially how John Martignoni got started My Conversion Story (FREE MP3 download) and you can always point them to CA Live as a source. You can always ask for equal time and use it to refute such things (Hey if you’ve been hanging out here at CAF for any length of time you should be able to!)
Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.




I think as Catholics, we must understand and just deal with the fact that we will always be attacked.

Why? Simply because we are really the only faith that is worth attacking. We have a Pope, Cardinals, and Bishops who are all very visible and outspoken. They have passed down to us the very word of God and a set of rules to live by that is easily questioned and attacked by secular society. What other faith has that? What other faith can draw its history to Jesus Christ himself? Did you ever wonder why nobody has ever attacked the Presbyterians or Evangelicals, for example? They have no visible leadership, they take no moral or social stands, they are all just loosely allied together or not at all, teaching the “gospels”, although on any given Sunday, they are all teaching something different from the others. In other words, there is nothing to attack.

Ask Gedron who he thinks should be the only one true Christian faith. Should it be left to the Evangelicals? Christianity would surely fall apart then. The Christian world may attack Catholicism, but they know they need us to be in the lead and out front to show Christians how to live, because nobody else will or can. We are the rock.

Attacks on us should be worn like a badge of honor.




Ever heard of the Catholic League? Or Bill Donahue?



I do almost get enjoyment out of the attacks. I find myself almost laughing at some of the nonsense except that I cannot allow myself to go in that direction because I think of the souls that these attacks are succeeding at prying away from the Church. This is the ONLY context of this thread. If it were just them spewing their biggotry I would say have at it.


Church Militant,

I like your stuff on Gendron. I am thinking of doing an anti-gendron site. I may contact you later or link you.

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