Slasher, gore films

So DH and I were at the movie rental place the other day looking at all the new releases to DVD and it seemed like every other film was a horror, slasher, guts and gore, going-for-gross type film (i.e. Saw III and the like). It was really kinda disturbing as these movies really just wanna gross you out as much as it can and be as disgusting as they can, IMHO. Well, somebody must be watching these movies as there are so many of them out…

My question is, do you guys watch these kind of movies? Maybe i’m just overreacting b/c I don’t like scary films:shrug:

Nope but my husband does. I am the biggest chicken -I can’t watch anything that’s even mildly gross so he watches them after I’m in bed. I don’t get it either and for a while I kept hoping as his faith grew he would be turned off by these films.

He started watching horror when he was in 3rd grade and was allowed to see R rated films at that age. I think he was desensitized to seeing that kind of violence. I can tell at this point he’s probably never going to “grow” out of them. He is a faithful Catholic, he’s a kind hearted, loving person so apparently they don’t affect him adversly.

I don’t get how people enjoy those movies myself but that’s just me.:shrug:

Ha, ha, I thought this thread was about Al Gore!

I don’t normally go watch slasher pics, but my favorite actor is starring in one sometime next year, so I’ll go see it. I’m hoping that his presence means that the movie has some redeeming value. I’ll probably hide my eyes during all the gross parts, and just watch his scenes.

Absolutely DO NOT watch these films, or just about anything else produced in America.

My husband loves the Saw movies. Ugh! I have asked him to warn me when he is going to watch one of those so I don’t inadvertently walk into the den and see it.

I wonder why so many people complain about the blood and gore movies but flocked to see “The Passion of the Christ”. I don’t want to see any blood and gore movies and I certainly did not see “The Passion” movie. Just because that movie was about Christ the various church leaders seemed to push their congregations to see it. Just read your Bibles, people. You can get a visual picture without seeing all that stuff on the screen. All that movie did was make Mel Gibson even richer. If we are not to watch “R” rated movies then that should include any movies that are crude and bloody.

I do not get into the gorrie stuff & I think I am an normal as the next real man. I like “cloke & dagger,” foodie, cop & chick flicks.

Like I said I am the biggest chicken and I hate horror movies -but I did go see The Passion. The Passion is something completly different -it’s a true story, not violence for the sake of violence. It’s not meant to be “entertaining”. I wasn’t sure how I would handle it but I was able to watch most of it. I did close my eyes at some points. Interestingly my husband who is used to slasher films and doesn’t even flinch and blood and gore was deeply affected by the film.

It’s a different movie because the events are true, they are about Christ’s suffering -you can’t get the full understanding of how awful it was by reading words on a page. The movie is not about the usual gratuitous Hollywood violence. I don’t think you can compare The Passion to a slasher film in any way, shape or form. You need to see the movie to understand.

With respect, I think that not all R movies are created the same. Yes there are certainly a few movies where the purpose of the violence is gratuitous and in that case the violence (or the level of it in any case) is inappropriate. That being said though, there are times when the raw depiction of violence is necessary and I would even argue a good thing. Good examples where the violence is necessary include the Passion and some of the better War Movies of the last few years. In both cases, the violence served to show the horrors that were truly present. I just don’t personally believe that anyone in the modern age, where human suffering is removed from view as much as possible, can fully understand the horrors of war or crucifixion just from reading about it in a book. In that sense a graphic depiction of violence makes sense.


I do not watch any horror/slasher/gore movies. I have no desire whatsoever, but my DH will watch them. As far as The Passion of The Christ movie goes, that is totally different IMO. I wonder how many people were brought to Jesus or brought closer to him after seeing the film? We have know way of knowing, but surely it happened. So there is value in viewing it. What could be the value of watching a slasher movie like Saw, other than “entertainment” or being desensitized?:confused: Just my:twocents: .

What makes ‘The Passion’ any different? That it’s based on a true story? ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ had its roots in a true story too! So did ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’! So, it can’t really be that.

Is it that it’s not gratuitously gory? I haven’t seen it, so I’m not one to judge on that – for all I know, all the blood and the whipping and the suffering may be very tastefully done! Again, ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ pulls that off too, as have others. Let’s not forget ‘Psycho’ is the ancestor of all these movies, and it just doesn’t shock anyone any more. Chocolate syrup spiraling down a showerdrain isn’t gratuitous by our standards.

Is it that it’s a story that holds deep personal significance for you? That sounds pretty reasonable. The story has meaning for you, it’s okay, it’s even good – don’t mind the gore, you can’t tell the story without it. It gives you a powerful visual fable to anchor your faith, and perhaps to try to reach out to others, to say ‘see? this is what he went through, for all of us’.

But for all that, it’s still just a movie, and when taken objectively not really all that different from any other violent film. It’s perfectly fine to like it, but please, don’t even try holding your nose when one comes up that isn’t about Jesus, because I just don’t buy it.

I’m kind of weird about gore. If it’s well-executed, fine. I haven’t hated anything by Takashi Miike or Quentin Tarantino yet. When it’s done over-the-top and badly, like in the GWAR movies, then I can have problems. ‘Saw’ was a stinker for other reasons.

My DH and I love watching films. Some of our favorite directors are Tarantino, Rodriguez, Coen Brothers, Kubrick, Kurosawa and way more.

Are some of these directors films violent, yes. But I thought Kill Bill was a great movie, well paced and beautifully shot. I found Sin City to be well shot as well. When I watch a movie, I don’t blindly take in all I am seeing. I watch the way characters move across the frame of the particular shot.

Is the director actually using his actor/actress to tell the story is this person just taking up room. I appreciate how well the colors for a particular shot can meld together. I can appreciate why a director decided to use a particular camera angle or lighting to help the mood of the movie.

I would actually say that the amount of violence in a film is less important than the point it serves. Frankly, having seen both Kill Bill and Sin City, I would say that those films are problematical on a number of levels, the least of which is the amount of violence present in those films.

Kill Bill essentially celebrates revenge and the concept of the Ends Justifying the Means. Sin City is, I believe, degrading to women in the worst way and pretty much protrays the Catholic Church as being completely corrupt.


What do you think of ‘The Three Musketeers’? Both it and ‘Sin City’ feature a bad cardinal, but if anything the latter says less about the Church itself.

The only horror/slasher films I ever enjoyed were the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. And those were only becuase Freddy was so funny.

Although, the original Halloween is a masterpiece. But that’s more psychological than slasher. (At least what I recall of it).

It’s almost like people forgot the old quote by Alfred Hitchcock…

There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.

I loooove horror movies, I like being scared by a movie, but I cannot stand slasher movies. They are in my opinion gory and pointless. Most of the time plain stupid. No plot, no quality acting, just a bunch of dim wits being chased by someone with a knife.
I’m not into gory movies period. I like a horror movie where it leaves everything to the viewers imagination.
I will admit that one the most horrifying movies I’ve ever seen was The Descent. It had a few gory scenes in it. It really freaked me out.

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