Sleep Inertia and Masturbation

Hello everyone and God Bless! I’m a 16 years old Roman Catholic and I go to public school. I am however, homosexual and because of that I know I’m required to stay chaste but it’s a little overwhelming. I see coupled everywhere holding hands (opposite-sex) and it kind of provokes me into asking myself “Why can’t I have this?”. And also with keeping custody of my eyes, it’s so difficult. I do confess everything but the one problem I have is masturbation. It’s all the sexual frustration pent up inside me that causes me to relapse. I want to kill this sin before it kills me. I really need help. /: However, more commonly, this sin occurs usually when I just wake up. I know one isn’t fully awake for about 90 minutes due to sleep inertia or the grogginess one feels when someone wakes up. Does this lower my culpability to it being venial instead of mortal? I don’t want it to sound like I’m using it as an excuse, I just want to be sure.

No it is still mortal sin. Keep confessing.

I commend you for your commitment to live chastely. You will be blessed in so many ways by doing that despite it’s difficulties.

I am a divorced catholic and no annulment so I am in a similar boat. Haven’t been dating or with someone in over three years.

My advice if you really want to curb this sin is as follows (It will work).

Set a goal of no masturbation for x days. (This is a good thing to give up for lent consider having a summer “Lenten period” of 40 days)

Pray the Rosary everyday! -do this in the morning when you wake up since that’s when you are tempted.

Follow the Rosary with the Litany of the saints

Pray the above 2 sincerely and with clearly asking God to deliver you, and Mary and the Saints to pray for you to be freed of this. (I listen to both on iTunes which helps me pray along with it).

Abstain from the Eucharist when in mortal sin but also take it weekly at a minimum. My he soon to be chore of confession every time you masturbate will help motivate you.

The longer you go , the less temptation you will feel.

You can do this!

As someone who has quit for months at a time only to relapse like every few months, I’d say that’s one of the harder things to conquer. Yes it’s a mortal sin, but don’t be too hard on yourself, even if you’ve quit for a while, it happens. I recommend you teach yourself to sleep on your side and not your stomach. Also, try to make a habit of going to Eucharistic Adoration very often. Or at least pray the rosary daily.

I remember this one time, I decided to skip my daily rosary… I woke up in the middle of that very night and did you know what… Next thing I knew, I was walking to confession at like 6 am. Sure taught me not to skip my daily rosary.

And yes, it is hard, and you will stumble and fall but this is about a journey to holiness. We want our sins if any at all to be slips into the mud where we then get back up and clean off.

Too often when the road is hard, people choose to just live in the mud of sin. Be one in the first example!

Never give up the hope you have that the Lord Jesus is able to bring you out of affliction and sin. He is not concerned about your mistakes, only that you pick up your cross and follow Him.

I struggle with mstrbtn also. It get exhausting when your spirit is willing but our flesh is weak. But it’s not about how perfect we are, because we aren’t, its about how much we love Jesus, by letting Him overcome our faults.

Don’t let your falls keep you from receiving Him. Sometimes, when my heart is not fully remorsefull, I do refrain from Eucharist. Sexual desires are EXTREMELY strong! His love is stronger.

One very important thing to do, along with your genuine open heart prayers, is fasting! I cannot recommend this strong enough. Learn how to fast in private, sincere, and joyfull ways. Your fast is between you and Him. It can be for petition, for strengthening your endurance, embracing the Spirit, rejecting the desires of the flesh, ect.

In order to overcome sin, we must grow in holiness. Share your struggles like you are doing here, and support others who struggle with their own trials.

Give the Lord adoration in all things. HIs love is with you.

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