Sleep Number Beds?

I am looking for opinions of people that HAVE a select comfort sleep number bed. Do you like it? Dislike it? Would you recommend that type of bed to others? We want a new bed eventually (when we can afford it) and not sure what kind.

Please, share your thoughts if you own one! :wink:

Thanks! :thumbsup:

I’ve slept on them when traveling for business. LOVED them. (Raddison hotels have these in the rooms, you might try a test night).

I also slept on one for a week when traveling-- at a Raddison.

I HATED IT. It was the most uncomfortable week of my life.

We have a Tempurpedic bed and I absolutely love it.

We’ve had a Select Comfort bed since before they had sleep numbers. DH would happily sleep on the floor, and I want a featherbed. We are both perfectly comfortable in this bed. When something went wrong (about 11 years after we purchased it), we called the service telephone number and had it diagnosed over the phone, and in a day or two had received the tiny part that fixed everything. If something major had needed replacement, the price of the needed part would have been pro-rated according to how long we had owned the bed.

Someone recently expressed concern about cat claws and the bed, since it relies on an air chamber. The air chamber is deep inside the bed, with foam and quilted material making up the outside, just as on an ordinary mattress. The cat would have to have four-inch claws to do any damage at all!

I’m so glad to know that Radisson hotels have these beds now. I never sleep well away from home, but now it will be just like home!


Not sure where you live, although we have bought 3 beds in the past 10 years from Denver Matress Company. They are GREAT beds at a VERY good price. They stand up to kids too!

We did learn on our last Sealy (or Simmons, i forget) not to get the pillow top ones. Seems like they mold to your body too much and do not bounce back.

My parents bought this bed after several years of marriage on a recommendation from a friend and they LOVE it. So when my ds and I got married, we bought that bed right from the getgo. It is the best. When one of us moves in the middle of the night (hence me getting up with one of the kids) it doesn’t move the other one. That’s what I really like.
And yes, the Radisson does have them, but you have to specify for that room.

We have had one for about six years … we like it alot …

I used to suffer fom arms going to sleep at night [tingling and numbness from shoulders down] and that stopped almost completely with the sleep number bed …

We moved it twice since our purchase and had to store it for several months …

We slit our time between the home we share with my daughter’s family [double bed regular mattress] and the home we have with my mother where the sleep number [queen] is … I really miss the sleep number bed and the numbness is returning …

My husband spends most of his time where the sleep number is :slight_smile: and I spend most of my time where the regular mattress is :frowning: … Wish we could afford tow but we are stretched to the max right now …

The key is in finding the right firmness fit … then you can adjust the firmness for rndo days like 8 hours of cutting, splitting and stacking firewood … :thumbsup:

Unlike the commercials, we typically are set to the same number …:shrug:

I agree with you. We had a softside waterbed before we had the Select Comfort. We decided to try the Select Comfort and neither my husband or I liked it after trying it for two years. We sold and bought another waterbed which we both like very much.

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