Sleep, pray, love -- survey sheds light on U.S. bedtime routine

African Americans, meanwhile, were far more likely than other groups to pray before bedtime almost every night of the week.

Who – or what – Americans sleep with also appears to vary by ethnicity. Nine out of 10 whites who are married or “partnered” sleep with their significant others, a slightly higher rate than that among African Americans.

But three-quarters and two-thirds of Hispanics and Asians, respectively, said that they don’t sleep with their partner. Those groups, however, were more likely to share a bedroom with their children.

“Asians tend to sleep with children in their beds and that could have an impact on sleep quality because anything that disrupts sleep like a dog or kid in the bed can negatively impact sleep and the restorative value of that sleep,” Balkin says. Whites were more likely to sleep with their pets than other ethnic groups, the poll showed.

Interesting, thank you for sharing!

My ethnic background is mixed, I’m a widow, my children are adults, and I sleep with my pet potbellied pig. :slight_smile:


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