Sleep Train

I booked a trip on an overnight train; for the night I wanted to travel there were no women-only compartments available anymore. So it is possible that there will also be a man/men in the same compartment with me. These are compartments of 4.

Suddenly I am worried that this might be against Catholic teaching and sinful. Are my worries founded, or am I being scrupulous? Is there something in the Catechism about this? Should I ask a priest?


Do you plan on acting in an immodest or immoral way with these men? If not, then, what could the sin be?

Of course I am not planning on acting immorally if there is a man present.

I thought suddenly maybe it was forbidden to sleep in the same room with a strange man… You know, possibly causing near what-you-call-it of sin for somebody.

Ok, but then maybe that person who knows himself to be easily tempted is the one who has to avoid the situation…:wink:

You are being scrupulous. Book the trip and have a great time.

Kathrin, my friend, I have to agree with this. Do not worry and have a wonder trip! :slight_smile:

I did already book the trip.

So to speak, the reservations came after I made the reservation.

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