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Do you think that it is correct to sleep without any clothing and to raise the children in this way?


I don’t think that it matters. When I was a child, it was expected that if you were around other people just prior to bedtime, that you were in your PJs. After you retire to bed, I believe it should be up to the individual. Today, as an adult, I know that there is no possible way that I would feel as comfortable sleeping in clothing (PJs or otherwise) as opposed to my “birthday suit.” :o


It is vitally important that children be taught that they must never wear anything restrictive to bed that impairs the circulation of lymph and blood throughout the body while sleeping. Whatever they wear to bed, it should leave no marks on the body and never impair circulation.
Beyond that, if they live in a hot climate, minimal night clothes or nothing at all is fine and healthy because they will sweat themselves into groggy unhealthy dehydration by morning otherwise. If they don’t live in a hot climate and sleep in the buff, they likewise may be courting illness by having to overheat and dry out the air in their house to stay warm enough at night, or conversely they may never be able to run fast enough to make it to the bathroom in the morning on cold mornings.
In any case, everybody needs woolies right next to the bed to throw over oneself in the middle of the night in case of midnight illness or other household or neighborhood emergency.


There is nothing wrong with sleeping in the buff, unless doing so leads you into sin (not sure how it would).

Just keep a bathrobe or pjs next to the bed in case of emergency.

I wouldn’t “teach” my kids to sleep nude, that would be imposing my preference on them and they are the only ones who know what feels comfortable for them. If it becomes apparent that pyjamas/nighties never appear in the laundry then I’d make sure to impart the ‘bathrobe wisdom’ to them.


My girlfriend always nagged at her hubby for getting into bed and leaving his clothes on the floor but when their house caught fire he grabbed them as they ran outside; he had something to wear while he talked to the firemen and neighbors and she had to hide in the car! (No one was hurt and damage was minimal so it’s okay to laugh, right?)



Sleeping “in the buff” is acceptable, but I’d be sure to always keep something close by in case they had to get up for whatever reason. Be it a shorts/shirt or bathrobe or something decent.


Check out this thread from a year ago:


I simply think that it is the best way to sleep.


I don’t see a problem with it, but I agree with the previous posters-in case a fire breaks out, or an intruder comes in, put some clothes on standby!


I am not yet a parent because I’m still single, but I can speak from my own experience as a child. I would say you don’t really even need to mention the subject, but at the same time, you also don’t need to hide the fact that that’s how you sleep.

I’m now 30 and have slept in the nude regularly since I was about 12. Although I knew my father did (at least sometimes), I didn’t start because of his example. It was a conscious decision I made on my own as I began to mature and realized it didn’t really make sense (to me, anyway) to wear anything when alone in my own bed. It’s a comfort thing.

You didn’t say how old your children are or whether they’re male of female, but I do have just one caution. It’s a very real possiblity for it to turn into an occasion of sin for a teenager. Add typical teenage hormones with the very unique sensation of being naked in bed for the first time, and you can do the math. Maybe it would be different for girls, but I say this from experience as a man - for the first few years I slept nude, the feeling of the sheets rubbing against the more sensitive parts of my body would cause me to lose control of my urges quite easily due to the sheer novelty of it. Definitely by the time I was in my mid teens, though, the novelty had warn off and I was totally used to sleeping nude without being preoccupied with nudity every second, if that makes sense.

I would simply not say anything about the subject - if your children want to sleep in the nude, they’ll discover it naturally on their own.


I think the second part of your question is more important. I don’t see a problem with sleeping nude when you are single or don’t have children. However, I think it would be inappropriate for a wife and husband to be nude while sleeping once children are past the toddler stage. I know as a tiny one I ran into my parents bed at night all the time…and even in elementary school if I got scared, sick, or needed something. I would have been thoroughly disturbed if I found either of my parents naked.


Children and parents generally do not have the level of privacy that would enable them to keep from being “walked in on.” All of my children share their bedrooms, and there is no way to guarantee that people won’t see you asleep in a house with kids. Someday, my ds may have his own room, but whose to say I won’t have to go in there at night to make sure his window is closed, or for some other reason. Kids occasionally go into their siblings’ bedrooms for various understandable reasons. And we all kick our covers off of us as we sleep. So a bathrobe on the bedpost wouldn’t preserve modesty.

Boundaries are very important in families - children need to learn that their parents and siblings respect their modesty, or they may not know how to respect the modesty of others, or demand such respect from other people. This is a safety issue, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve seen abuse happen in families who didn’t preserve modesty. And locking our doors would pose other safety issues, and make parenting much more difficult. So for these reasons, I would never have nude sleeping in my house, as long as there are children present.

I suppose in other climates (I live in a coldish place) and different cultures, things would be different, but I really can’t wrap my mind around a nude-sleeping household.


In my opinion, I consider it to be immodest to sleep in the nude. I don’t think it is necessarily sinful, I just consider it immodest and don’t understand why one would do it. Not judging, that’s just my honest first reaction to the question.

I don’t see how it could be possible for parents raising kids to sleep in the nude. Kids walk into our bedroom on average twice per night.


I personally sleep in a baggy t-shirt and nothing else. I keep my pj pants by the bed in case of emergency though. I do not have an issue with it, but I have also been sleeping this way for many moons and it is simply more comfortable and less binding for me.

We do have an 8 year old daughter and because of her/modesty’s sake her daddy sleeps fully covered(PJ pants and shirt).


I don’t understand why it could be immodest and why one shouldn’t do it. It is easy, comfortable and natural.

It depend by the custom and by the family habits. When a child grows-up in a family where pajamas and night shirts are unknown there are no problems.


While, I don’t think there is anything wrong with sleeping without clothes on… I do not think it is perhaps the best decision for a bustling house full of family members.
Kids are always creeping around into their parents or siblings rooms when they are scared, thirsty or bored - and it then there is the case of when a visitor is staying for the night.
Plus, some pajamas are just so darn cute I would love to wrap my future kids in them :slight_smile:

My husband and I usually go to bed without pajamas because we find it a more relaxing way to fall asleep. We have many blankets on our bed for colder nights and sometimes do wear flannel pajamas. We both always wore pajamas growing up - I actually love the feel of pajamas. I know that once we have kids, our pajama free time will go away until they are off at college.


I remember a lady I know telling me about staying with a family in France for a semester in university. One night she heard a strange noise, and got up. It was the dog,who had had puppies. More surprising was that the whole family was oooing and ahhing over them - totally in the buff. THey weren’t bothered by this at all, though the visitor found it a bit of an education in cultural differences.

Some families are pretty open about nudity, others are more private. It depends on natural preference and also up-bringing, and hasn’t much to do with morality all by itself. THe most important thing is to respect the feelings of individuals about it either way, and remember that the body belongs to its owner and to God.


[quote="CFI, post:15, topic:166914"]
I don't understand why it could be immodest and why one shouldn't do it. It is easy, comfortable and natural.


Just answering the questions, I said I wasn't judging others. Just seems really foreign to me.


[quote="ThyKingdomCome, post:12, topic:166914"]
I've seen abuse happen in families who didn't preserve modesty.


Are you suggesting that there is link between abuse and sleeping in the nude?


We don't encourage or teach our kids to sleep in the nude, but DH and I both do. Kids may come into our room, but as long as their not getting into bed, they are not going to see anything. I've noticed my oldest DD has taken to it, but she knows if there are guests she has to have a robe or pj's before bed. My son however (has his own room) insists on pj's every night or else he sleeps in his clothes. We'll see what the others do, sometimes they just want to sleep in their underwear.

Of course I let me kids sleep on the floor, in or out of their clothes, as long as they are in their room I don't care.

I guess it's something I've never really thought about. It's just our body... if the kids see it, then they see it. Whatever.

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