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Last night I felt “scared”. Sometimes I don’t feel connected with God and my imagination runs wild with thoughts, scary things. I have 2 things that are blessed and one of them was my rosary. I took it and put my hand threw the loop all night. It went up to my elbow all night. My question is : Was that appropriate?


This is totally appropriate. Blessed items can be used like this, as long as you don’t use them in a superstitious way. It sounds like you weren’t but rather putting yourself in the care of God and the Blessed Mother. If I can recall correctly many saints have done like you. Blessed John XIII wore a rosary around his neck in his early years in seminary to help him remain pure.

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I think I read somewhere that St. Bernadette always slept with her rosary.

You’re in good company!


Dear “Pureheart”. I keep a blessed Rosary on my nightstand… for just such emergencies! :thumbsup: It is perfectly fine. I use a cheaper, plastic one on my nightstand, though… just in case it breaks. I also keep a “pillow Crucifix” on my bed. It’s a small Crucifix, which I have tied to the headboard, with a string. Whenever I feel afraid… for any reason, I just reach under my pillow… and put my hand on the Crucifix. It is so comforting.

And I always wear my Brown Scapular… whether awake or asleep. I’ve had a couple of weird dreams, too… where I felt under attack (as you described happened to you). In both of those dreams… I was able to hold up, in front of myself… a Brown Scapular and a Rosary. And in this way, I’ve been given to understand that Our Blessed Mother DOES protect us, especially when we ask her. What mother wouldn’t comfort her frightened child? :wink:

Our Lady is truly our Mother! (Thank You, Jesus). Hope this helps. God bless.


I’ll join the crowd. I’m not easily “spooked,” but every once in a while, as mama used to say, “the devil walks at midnight.” And I reach for my Rosary and go back to sleep. Let him walk, I know I’m protected. (Usually toss in a prayer to St. Michael, too . . . )


I think that’s perfectly alright, and I’ve done this too :slight_smile:


thanks everyone; it did help me sleep easier and my mind calmed down after I held it.


I know when I’m feeling week, holding onto the cross strengthens me.



I sleep with my rosary too :slight_smile:


I have done this on many occasions, and I agree that I believe it is fine. In reaching for protection in a rosary, you are fleeing into the protection of the blessed mother herself. God sees all our actions, and I think he is pleased when he sees us reach out to Him in times of fright.


I have a one decade rosary that I carry all over in pockets and purses. When I land at night, it lands under my pillow. :slight_smile:


I almost feel stupid asking this question - but does it have to be a blessed rosary? I have SO MANY rosaries and keep several on my night table next to me, along with holy images and a bottle of holy water. I know that blessed objects scare the evil away but does a Rosary have to be blessed?

And to OP, there’s nothing wrong with clinging to a holy object when you feel in need. What better objects than those of our Faith? It shows your fidelity and devotion and your belief in God and Our Lady by turning to Them.


I’ve done that too. I think it shows that you really do have faith in its protective power. There are times when I feel scared and disconnected from God, and the rosary provides extra comfort. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. :slight_smile:


I do the same thing! I always sleep with my Rosary, it comforts me.


Yes, falling asleep with the rosary in my hand sounds normal to me. And also I’ve heard that Martin Luther died with his rosary in his hand.
Anyone heard that, too?


No, I hadn’t, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all as Luther had a strong devotion to Our Lady.


I can’t say my Rosary in bed, laying down, in the dark. Or I’m asleep before the second decade. I have to say it in the day or sitting up. One night I could not get to sleep for almost 2 hours, I looked over at my Rosary and thought about how easily I fall asleep while saying it. I started a rosary and sure enough I fell asleep. That sounds bad, but it’s not my daily one, it’s a second that cures my insomnia! So, I do end up sleeping with my Rosary.

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