Slightly different scenario

ok, this is sort of a follow up of a pervious post.

I understand now the moral obligation of catholic school teachers and how they lose employment if they act in a way that is contrary to church teaching.

but what if the offense in question happens before someone converts for example?

would a single mom ever be able to teach at a school, after she has converted, repented, all the rest. sincerely studied the faith for a few years

I guess the only issue is that the fact that she still has a kid while unmarried. not sure if that would still be a stumbling block for the children she would be potentially teaching?

that was sort of my question all along, yes, we recognize that certain things are immoral and we pray for people and their conversion, but after they repent, we can just help them out with their kid if they need it, be a good cahotlic model for the child, be a good friend. in fact, we should be doing that regardless, even if they do not know God fully yet, shouldn’t we?

I know I keep using this scenariobut there are probably others, a murderer released from prison, or people who committed adultery. people say pretty horrible things even if the person in question is sincerely trying to lead a good life now

Where do you come up with this stuff? :shrug:

We are to love our neighbors as ourselves. Period. End of discussion.

I am a sinner and I most certainly am not going to treat anyone differently because they sin in a different way than I do/did.

Being a single mom is not living a lifestyle contrary to Church teaching. :eek:

actually, other people come up with this stuff.

I’ve had people tell me “you would never talk to the homeless person on the street corner if you could see what he looked like” and by people I mean family and acquaintances. and how it’s their fault that they got in to drugs or prostitution. how about just somd kindness, a hot meal, help to get out of that lifestyle if they truly desire it.

and the amount of things that people say if someone is released from prison, calling them a monster, how they deserve to burn in hell etC… maybe be a bit neighborly and bring them a plate of cookies?

or a single mom, name-calling, words that I don’t need to repeat here. how about helping with their kid if they need it, just being a friend?

and everyone thinks I’m weird because I don’t agree with these kinds of things. I’m obviously not advocating imprudence but I think people are really crueler than necessary

yes, they committed sins, everyone does, some worse than others. , but I just don’t see where these types of comments lead?

well no, but it could be implied that they fornicated if they are unmarried, which of course, is not every single mom’s case. but I guess it could be argues that people will find out about their past sin. but fornication is a sin regardless if a child results or not.

but I guess maybe it’s different if it happened a while ago?

I teach in the Catholic school system in Ontario, and the only thing I know that would keep someone from teaching with us, is the fact that they couldn’t get a pastoral reference…I was born and raised Catholic but didn’t practice it fully until about 15 years ago…I did many volunteer duties at my local parish (and still do) so was able to get a pastoral reference letter no problem…if your parish priest doesn’t know you from seeing you participate in your faith, then no letter…if no letter, then no job…at least that’s they way it works up here…God bless…

A person presents themselves for a job. Dies it matter I they are a widow? No. Do people inquire about the circumstances of a child’s birth? NO.
You have the meanest most judgmental most unrelentingly uncharitable friend, or else you’re making this up.
Gimme a break.if God is as unrelentingly unforgiving…we’re doomed.

He’s not. Thankfully.REMOVE yourself from this environment.

I’m not making this up,

people have said it to me. about all kinds of different things and all types of other people that they deem lesser

and the uproar that happens if an ex-convict is realeased and moves to a certain neighborhood, those horrible things are actually said by the residents. I live in a part of the city where this is sometimes is the case

I wouldn’t say friends necessarily, but classmates, acquaintances, family members.

people are mean, I dont’ get it either

Yes you do. You know it’s wrong but you keep asking like Catholics really think thus way.

Catholic schools don’t judge suitability based on what “could be implied”. Even if the person did have a checkered past, that isn’t the same as currently living a lifestyle that is incompatible with Church teaching. No one expects Catholic teachers to be saints; they just are expected to not be flaunting their dissent.

because I find it perplexing that they do. but you’re right, I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised.

I just don’t understand how this happens considering all the teachings of the church

and then I’m the one who is considered weird

though not everyone I’ve heard it from are catholics per say, but some have been.

guess I just need to get used to the fact that there are people like that in the church as well, for whatever reason

of course I’ve encountered people disagreeing and doing their own thing

and I don’t particularly care, if people think I’m weird, just need to remind myself to resist their social pressure for me to be some person I’m not

and I should be used to all of these things. I honestly cannot tell you why I’m not.

you have great patience to put up with me and trying to figure out a bunch of things in my head, always appreciate it

I’m not usually this annoying, I promise, apparently only on CAF

I am confused by the original poster’s question.

I work in a Catholic school and a colleague conceived a child out-of-wedlock. She is still working at the school (and knowing her well, I am positive she has repented). In addition, many adult children of fellow staff members have children out-of-wedlock. While not the moral way to do things, firing someone because of this situation would not be right either. It is not up to us to judge the sinfulness of others. That’s God’s job!

I am grateful and pleased that the children born out-of-wedlock have been brought into the world and are being cared for well instead of being aborted!


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