Slightly Sobbed At Church Today


Has anyone ever slightly sobbed during the Gospel reading ?
It was Simon of Cyrene helping carry the cross for Jesus…
And the religious mocking Jesus on the cross…
And the two robbers finally ridiculing him too …
Till the good thief repented…and admited they were in the wrong …not Jesus.

I had to fight back the tears and the showing of emotion…
I then had to sit down while everyone kept standing…till reading was over with.
There were about 20 people behind me…sigh…
I felt ashamed for welling up - glad I had a handkerchief in my Spring coat. Embarrassing.

I’m not sure why…maybe I was just being enlightened…
I wanted to sit in the last row today too…
Arrived very early…I was the third person there…darkened church…
And this man, 60, had already claimed the last row seat…

Last time I sat in the back row, he showed up…and wasn’t happy I was there…
It’s basically ‘ his spot ‘ -
That’s for another thread.


I tend to lose it a lot at mass.

All I need to hear is "A reading from the Gospel of St. ___________, and that’s enough to get me to tear up.

I’m a goob.


I have quietly shed tears at some Masses and at Adoration for different reasons. If it gets too bad I get up and go to the Sacristy.


This is encouraging for me to hear !
I know I had only 4 hours sleep today…
And felt the over sensitive vibe about me…
My heart keeps softening and softening…
It’s like a little red water ballon - lol
But I know it’s a good thing…but it can be oh so humbling too…before others.

When it came time for the sign of peace -
A cool man in shirt and tie smiled at me brightly…
that eased my shame of public emotion…
I can smile about it now, as they say.


It’s important to try your best have control of the emotions.


This is why I keep tissues in my purse. I often tear up during mass. Lately, it’s the eucharistic prayer “on the night he was betrayed” that gets the water flowing. But I’m quite emotional in general, so…

Once my daughter noticed me crying from her place in the choir and brought me a box of tissues (in front of everyone). That was embarrassing. Fr. had just finished a sermon about a good friend of his (and my husband’s) who had passed away unexpectedly and not expecting it, it really got to me.


To a degree but emotions are part of being human. When I have a Holy Spirit moment I tear up and do not try to hold back or hide it. It is a beautiful thing. The teaching that men don’t cry is bunk and can lead to problems being in touch with other people.


I have teared up at Mass multiple times, I know I always get emotional when they read the scripture readings about the anointing for Jesus’s feet and wiping it with her hair and such. No reason to be ashamed.


I’m not saying that men can’t cry. I’m saying that emotions have to be subordinate to, and perfectly in line with reason.


I haven’t in a loooong time but when I have, its because of something powerful.

I honestly wish for an experience like that again


There is a “dangerous” pew in my parish church where God takes the advantage to get the message through to me. Have I cried? More than once. Did God glue my bum to the pew? Yes, and He was the teacher in the conversation and I was the student.

There are several who cry in church during readings or hymns we sing or before or after Mass. Very natural during a funeral or Requiem Mass. Sometimes it is a person in RCIA who gets very emotional because he or she can’t recieve the Body and Blood of Christ yet. The whole parish was teary eyed when our parish priest celebrated his last Mass before returning to his native country.

OP you are not the only one.


Yep once I sobbed so bad in confession that I started hyperventilating another time in mass i cried so bad I collapsed there was a healing preist and he was praying over people I guess you get overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit Mary said “if you knew how much i love you you’d cry of joy”


That sounds like something that came out of a book. I trust it is true. However, there are all kinds of emotions. I think the above may be referring to emotions like anger that can cause great harm. Emotions that express joy, laughter, crying, can be given a freer reign. IMO.


You gonna have to show up earlier than that if you’re gonna take my seat away from me.


These replies have been a delight for me to read - I laughed - good naturedly -
I agree Semper - I was actually telling myself, “ seagull, pull yourself together man “
I can’t imagine a person bringing a box of Kleenex to you - lol

Quis , what a wonderful thing - seeking such moments.
I did feel cleansed and refreshed - for hours afterwards.


Every Palm Sunday when we read the the LLLOONNGGG reading and the crowd says “Give us Barrabas” and “Crucify Him!”, I lose it, can never get the words out.


St. John of the Cross warns against doing that. We shouldn’t be using emotions to determine what the status of our relationship with God is.


you gotta get over this. we don’t have spots , unless we are handicapped and need those spots.

let it go and grow spiritually.


When did I say that I used emotions to define my relationship with God?


I wasn’t saying you in particular. Many people today erroneously believe that their prayer is good if they have consolations, and then seek to have consolations in prayer.

When God starts to give us a boost in the spiritual life, He takes those away.

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