Slippery Rock


Hello All,

I was looking around Hank Hanegraaff’s website, and I found a lot of commentaries about the “heretical” and “false” teachings of the Catholic Church. There was a book Upon This Slippery Rock: Countering Roman Catholic Claims to Authority by Eric Svendsen, which is apparently a rebuttal to Upon This Rock by Stephen Ray. The book is “an invaluable handbook in your dealings with Roman Catholic apologists who attempt to denigrate the Scriptures in their zeal to promote the authority of Rome.”

There are also “reviews” of Surprised by Truth by Patrick Madrid and Jesus, Peter, & the Keys: A Scriptural Handbook on the Papacy. Hanegraaff and his commentators criticize converts from Protestantism to Catholicism as people who did not understand or had misconceptions of Christianity. They also have articles (tracts) responding to issues between Catholics and Christans. Hanegraaff is far more charatible than Jack Chick or Hal Lindsey, but he clearly has major issues with the Church.

I think it would be beneficial for those who are better read than I to look up Hanegraaff’s Tracts and post responses for them on this forum. That way we can know how to respond. The website is


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