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Anyone who has DirecTV knows there are at least 5 channels dedicated to the Word of God (can I get an :amen: ). I was watching a great show on Trinity Broadcasting about the debates in Kansas over teaching creationism in the schools. It’s a ‘must see’ if you happen upon a re-run. Right after that show was some Dr of theology and his evangelical TV show. For about 30 minutes he just kept repeating “Jesus is going to get it all back for you!” after every point he was trying to make. To which the crowd was cheering and "AMEN"ing. I thought the whole thing lacked substance and seemed like a snake oil type of experience.

My question is, for the people that like this sort of thing, is it at all fulfilling? What happens when you get tired of the slogans and want something more?


Getting tired of that sort of thing was a part of what led me into the Catholic Church 20-some years ago. It wasn’t the only thing, or even the most important thing, but it was a part of it.

To be fair, though, other people I knew weren’t having the same reaction, as far as I knew. They seemed happy as clams. So maybe it is just a style thing. Different strokes for different folks.

I hear and read criticisms all the time of the Catholic Mass, saying it is boring. I sure don’t see it as boring. OTOH I can’t take more than about 5 minutes of the type of church you’re describing. If I found myself in one of those by accident, I’d head immediately for the door.


Im an evangelical and I dont even like that kind of preaching. I feel it is too showy and over the top.:frowning:

Im sure they are genuine christians it is just not my cup of tea. When I see this on TV I can usually handle hearing the first AMEN and then I turn it off.:shrug:

To each his own.:thumbsup:


Unfortunately we have become a society conditioned to and addicted to sound bites and bumper stickers rather than indepth study and complicated discussions.


It’s definitely not just “a matter of style”. If purely blind faith like this was sufficient, than all religions would be equally true.


It kind of worries me that the slogan will have a more permanent place in their hearts than the scripture, you know? I can remember the tag line, but I can’t remember what scripture he was reading to back it up. In contrast I remember exactly what the readings were in Mass last Sunday.

The other thing that makes me uneasy is the charisma of the preacher. Have you ever caught yourself telling people “You have to come to MY church! My Pastor is VERY entertaining.”? Instead of “Come find Christ with me.”?


Yeah, I agree, I would have flipped the channel after the first Amen. There has to be more substance than that to keep me interested. Like all the good discussions on this forum. A lot of good meat here to talk about. Even with disagreement, it is still more…what’s the word?..interesting? attention-getting-and-keeping?..whatever.

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