Sloppy Altar Servers

I’m a senior server at my parish and usually serve the Saturday Vigil Mass. Recently I have noticed a decline in the respect and reverence shown by some altar servers whilst serving.
The kind of things that these servers are doing are things like talking during the homily and also after receiving communion which they do very disrespectfully. I doubt they know they are receiving our Lords precious body and blood. Once a young altar server commented to me that the EMHC had “run out of wine” when she brought her chalice back to the credence table.
One server in particular is very loud and disrespectful both to the senior servers and the Sacred Liturgy. He thinks that the procession is a race and when he carries his candle he swings it round like a flag despite me telling him he’ll spill the oil. Any ideas on how to handle him?

Is this what all eleven year old servers are like and my expectations and reverence is very high? Or is this a problem? I’m particularly concerned about these issues as Holy week and the Triduum are drawing near and our services in this solemn time must look good and respectful.

Dose anyone else experience these problems and how do you rectify them?
I’m not the MC but he listens to me very seriously and also admits this one particular server is taking his ministry as a joke, and that in general server demeanor is low.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Concerning this particular one being very disrespectful, loud, swinging the candle and racing through processions, I believe you should do something like this: (worked well in my parish, where I am an MC)

*]Warn him you will be talking to his parents
*]If he doesn’t at least make an attempt to be more reverent, talk to the parents
*]If that doesn’t do much, possibly see if he could take a break from serving for a while. This will work especially well if he enjoys serving

This has worked well for me and my parish, and I hope it does for you.

This is a problem about catechesis. My sons serve and do it beautifully! What does your priest say?

Thanks for your advice TheMC

And FightingFat I totally agree you. If these children had received proper catechesis, not just from the Church but their parents as well, this wouldn’t be happening. Father is very busy serving three different Churches but the Deacons haven raised concerns after Mass.

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