Slovakia changes constitution to ban same-sex marriage


As the parliament requires a two-thirds majority to alter the constitution, the amendment passed by just three votes. The new amendment specifically prevents same-sex couples from gaining the same recognition and protection as heterosexual married couples, stating “it will be impossible for the rights and duties associated with marriage to be conferred in any way other than a legally recognised union between a man and a woman.”


Good job Slovakia!


Unfortunately, this will only fuel the flames of conflict worldwide, demonizing religion even more and doing little to ameliorate the tensions between the religious right and the secular left.


Jesus didn’t come to win a popularity contest.


Obviously. My statement will stands.


No. Not a good job. Denying a couple protection and rights is nothing to cheer about. What if they had banned mixed race marriage? Would you say good job then?


Mixed race hetero marriage is a different issue though. It fulfils the one man, one woman requirement so there’s no religious argument against it. The only possible reason to oppose it is racism.


There is no equivocation.


Don’t worry, most of the West is turning into Pagan Rome. Enjoy.

Good for Slovakia though!


Don’t worry, most of the West is turning into Pagan Rome. Enjoy the “love”.

Good for Slovakia though!


Bad analogy. Because racial differences are superficial, whereas the difference between men and women is not. Try again.


God works in mysterious ways my friend, The Romans were a violent pagan people, yet the hand on the lord prevailed at the battle of Milvan bridge and Rome became a christian empire.


Is Slovakia an Orthodox country?


No, it’s is predominantly Catholic, about 2/3 Roman Catholic with the remainer being a mix between Protestant, Byzantine Catholic and Orthodox


Nope, great analogy. Discrimination is discrimination. This will do nothing but hurt Slovakia.


It will bring great Blessings to Slovika, as do all efforts to conform Civil Law to the Natural Law.

And as far as ‘discimination’, all that word means to denote differences between, so there is nothing innately wrong with discrimination.

I, for example, discriminated against all other women in the world when I chose my wife :stuck_out_tongue:


It IS wrong to use that discrimination to justify denying a SSC their right to get married, just as it would be for a mixed race couple. Exact same reasons.


On what basis does a SSC have “a right” to be married?

A mixed race couple can create children, a SSC cannot.

There is a recognizable and important difference between the two.

You would have to show that difference is irrelevant to make the two cases the same.

Should the blind be allowed to drive automobiles? Is there discrimination against them merely because they are incapable of doing so, that they are deprived licenses in every country in the world?

Discrimination is not “discrimination” in every case. Sometimes, discrimination is warranted.

You would have to show that it is not warranted in the case of SSC. A principal piece of evidence is the capacity to create offspring, which SSC do not have.

The fact that the case for SS marriage requires a complete redefinition of the word “marriage” - into something that has never been contemplated before - even to be heard is quite telling, actually.


Good job Slovakia!

I’m quite glad to hear that another state is standing against this tide of filth and madness originating from below.


So…are they banning same-sex marriage?
Or are they banning “the same recognition and protection” in same sex marriages compared to different-sex marriages?


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