Slovakia's separation barrier to keep out Roma

All that separates them is a wall - a new, white concrete wall, 150m (495ft) long, 2.2m tall. Beyond the wall stand the wattle-and-daub, mud-and-twig hovels where many Roma live here in Ostrovany, in eastern Slovakia.

“I don’t mind them really,” says Viera.

"We tolerate them pretty well actually, considering they’ve built their homes on land which doesn’t belong to them.

Its disheartening to see families liking in shacks such as that in a snowy climate.

“We just woke up one morning and saw them building ,” he grumbles. “Why couldn’t they use the money to build us a decent home instead?”

Its a good question. I admit, I know littel about Slovakia, But shouldn’t there be some minimal standards of housing?

Since the fall of the berlin wall, more fences have went up around the world.

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