Slovenia rejects gay marriage in referendum


Slovenians have rejected same-sex marriage by a large margin in a referendum.

Almost two-thirds of voters said no to a bill that defined marriage as a union between two consenting adults.

Parliament passed a law giving marriage equality in March, but opponents challenged it before any gay couples could marry.

Conservatives were especially opposed to allowing same-sex couples to adopt children.

“This result presents a victory for our children,” said Ales Primc from the group Children Are At Stake.

The result demonstrates a cultural split in the EU, where western member states are granting greater rights to gay people but newer central and eastern member states are resisting such moves.

Slovenia’s conservatives were backed by Pope Francis, who called on the mainly Catholic country to “back the family as the structural reference point for the life of society”.

But MPs from the United Left party, which initially proposed the change in the law, said the result was a temporary setback.

“It’s not over yet. Sooner or later the law will be accepted,” said United Left MP Violeta Tomic.

Slovenia is considered to be among the more liberal former communist countries but gay rights remain a contentious issue there.

In 2012, voters rejected granting more rights to gay couples in a referendum.



Sadly, the human rights brigade will then run to the courts to overthrow the will of the people claiming that the result was “bigoted” and that “our rights are not dependent on public opinion”.


So you believe that rights should be dependent on public opinion ?


Certainly changes which will have major impacts on the constitutions of countries should be decided by the people in those nations. I for one find the whole issue of gay marriage a giant political red herring designed to distract from more pressing issues such as unemployment, war and and numerous other issues. Homosexuality been legal and civil unions is more than enough ‘equaity’/ We’ve moved far past wanting to be equal to wanting to be a special untouchable class. I support fully the laws in my wife’s homeland of Russia which forbid propagandising homosexuality in schools among children or trying to foist it onto them as somehow equal to heterosexuality. It’s a disordered state, homosexuals should not be insulted, beaten or persecuted publically but I’m not going to deny that as a Catholic I see homosexuality as morally disordered to placate or soother people or to create ‘safe spaces’ which seems to be new buzzword term. I don’t consider active homosexuality a worse sin than adultery or fornication but I do consider an active homosexual lifestyle sinful.


The only problem is (being Russian, I know), in Russia the law does not forbid just “propagating homosexuality in schools”. The law reads as “propagating homosexuality among minors”. So far as minors may theoretically be present anywhere in public places, in practice it entails a ban to demonstrate publicly anything related to homosexuality. You cannot show rainbow symbol publicly in Russia, for example.

Agree with the rest.


Agree completely. I can’t stand that the US for instance uses diplomatic pressure to support lifestyles in countries where they are abhorrent, even carrying a price tag if they don’t comply. It could be that the hope for Christianity is in places like Africa and the Third World where the people and clergy have not been corrupted by materialism and political correctness. Bravo Slovenia! This was just commonsense in the West only 30-40 years ago!


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