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I hope this is the correct place for my question, if not, perhaps someone will move it (I don’t know how to do that).

I have an Ignatius Press small New Testament and Psalms which I carry with me. It is easily put into my purse and it is a beautiful leather bound book.

But, when I want to read the Old Testament or check out something in a book of the OT, I must reach for my heavy Bible.

I would like a smallish Bible that was complete. I called Ignatius Press to see if they also printed the OT in the same format as their NT and was told “there is no call for that, try a Jewish book store.”

That shocked me - of course there is a Catholic version of the OT.

I saw a visiting priest on EWTN’s Daily Mass last week who used a Bible to refer to at times and it was small.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.:confused:


“Mullen” here are a few pocket Bibles… you can get from EWTN’s Religious catalogue. Hope this helps.


If you like the NAB,there is a compact edition which includes the Old Testament.You may need a magnifying glass, though, the print is very tiny!

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