Small drone crashes in New York


NEW YORK (WABC) – A small helicopter drone flying high above buildings on the East side of Manhattan crash landed just feet away from a businessman during the Monday evening rush hour.

The drone is small but the FAA says it should not have been flying hundreds of feet above a crowded Manhattan sidewalk.

The businessman who almost took a direct hit from the unmanned device, recovered its video card from the debris and then reached out to us.

What in the world…:eek: I for one am not upset by this shut down. Big Brother needs a time out in the corner.


I’m not concerned that it was the government. I’m concerned that a private person or organization may be thinking of using these things for nefarious reasons and this was a “test flight”


When one has a greater chance of getting hit by lightening than being the victim of a terrorist attack, we should all be concerned when a government monitors citizens and justifies by our tapping into fear and saying our security demands it.


Its eerily coincidental with this news from September 30.

Keep in mind “The NYPD says they don’t have a possible motive, but say the incident is being investigated as a stunt and not something more sinister”


two could play at that game, if the rest would let them.


Frankly, I worry about both of them possibly getting too much power. That is, the private sector and the government. Though large governments tend to be more tyrannical than the private sector.

Either way, I don’t trust the government much. Especially when they’re so hostile towards the Catholic Church.


I’m thinking that this was pretty cool and that I want one! I love nerdy toys.


Now that I have some time to sit and type here are my thoughts/concerns…

If this becomes a trend, and there are at any time drones flying about, how would we be able to differentiate between the government spying on us, some kids playing a few blocks away, or a stalker? A terrorist? Is open air space a free zone for spying now? Then you have to think about safety, imagine one crashing out of the sky and hitting you in the head…


Go check out Google Earth. Of course we have spies over head. I think the reaction is a little over the top. Nothing was on that tape that could not be gained from looking out a window.

Now the safety issue is important. This may be a case where the technology is ahead of the law. Of course we also need to remember that no one was hurt. If we are going to band remote control flying toys or we also going to ban smart phones which actually cause fatalities? They are actually use to violate people’s privacy. I would start with those first.


Not banned - however radio controlled aircraft hobbyist - at least in my area are required to carry insurance, and only fly in designated areas for safety reasons if their device is over a certain size/weight/speed.


I can understand some common sense municipal restrictions. Surely one would think this could apply to New York, where even the soft drink size is controlled. I can see a size restriction. This addresses the safety issue directly.


You can buy a quad copter drone with a bit over 1/4 mile range and surprisingly hig-res photography for not much over $1,000. Could be anybody’s.

I have clients who own these things to routinely inspect their properties for squatters and encroachments.


so how big are these small drones? I didn’t realize that anyone could purchase them. I thought only the government had the large drones to be used for searching for illegal aliens near the boarders or for looking for terrorists.


If you think about it, a remote controlled helicopter is a type of drone. If one could attach a camera to it, then it could be used to spy. Now picture something two foot square with four rotor so it can have bigger range and a better camera and you have what places like Brookstone is selling. There’s came with a smart phone app that let’s you use your phone as a remote. It is meant to be a toy.


From the article: “We’ve learned the drone is called the Phantom Quadcopter because of its four plastic rotor blades. It can be bought on the internet for under $500 dollars.”


that is scary. it could definitely be used by someone with bad intentions. :frowning:


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