small families

Why does how many children married couples have is any ones business in the first place. Whether it is none, one, or ten. Ignoring nosy stupid busybodies is what is needed here. If God has bless you with a number of children, then idiots that say otherwise are just that idiots.

Funny story re: busybodies,

I used to keep other people’s children in my home while mine were little so I didn’t have to work outside of my home.
Often, I would be at the grocery store with 5 kids under 5 yrs. old.
One day, a woman behind me in line tapped me on the shoulder and said
“well, I figure this one looks like you, and she looks kind of similar, but that one looks only like the baby, and these 2 doesn’t look like any of you!”
My reply?
“Well, that’s because they all have different daddies”.
That shut her right up.

(I did eventually tell her I was a babysitter though)

There are a billion Catholics in the world, so there probably isn’t a way to be a Catholic that some other Catholics won’t criticize you for choosing (or even for being).

Lady with one kid right here!

Yes, there is judgment from some Catholics with large families on those who have one or two children. But it’s in those parishes that are ULTRA-traditional, almost fanatical, in their mindset. In reality, it is NO ONE’s business why a couple has one, two, or twenty kids!!!

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