small miracles

What small divine interventions have you all experienced?
One of mine was when I was driving and my wheel was not turning right. I prayed to Mary and the angels to protect me and get me home safe. I brought my car the next day and there was no reason for the wheels to be connected, as a few days before I had my tires changed and they forgot to put nuts to hold the wheels on. I drove 20 miles without lugnuts holding on the tires.
Any of you have similar experiences?

Small miracle - hospital calls while we are about to go on a trip out of town saying ex-foster kid went to ER feeling suicidal, but then left without getting help. (The foster kid, now 19 years old, had put us down as the emergency contact when he entered the ER.)

We prayed for help to find him in a large town of 200K+ people. We had no idea where to look, so the odds of finding a person in a town is not very high even if you looked for days. We drive somewhat randomly across town and find the kid in 21 minutes - and after some talking, get him back to the hospital.

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I was working on a critical patient in the field, medevac had been denied, I was operating and had his abdomen open to ligate a vessel causing internal bleeding. He was on a table in the ramshackle building my squad was in and one of the posts at the door behind me called to me and I stood up straight (foolishly) to look over my shoulder at him. I took a round in the back that send me flopping right over on top of my patient, covering his open abdomen entirely. The force from the round sort of spun me a little and my right shoulder and clavicle sort of embedded into the incision, plugging it, my left arm flailed out and landed with the palm over my patients face, covering his eyes and nose. Not a second later an RPG or some other incendiary device hit the building and chunks of the ceiling came falling down all around us, we were almost white from all the dust and chunks of concrete. If I hadn’t been shot all of that sharp rock and tiny particles would have ended up inside my patient and the chunks that hit my hand would have hit his eyes and nose and mouth. Not to mention, the round would have hit the Corporal assisting me above his vest if I hadn’t been in the way.

Best Gunshot I ever took.

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Thank you, IrishRush, for your service. Thank you for being such a wonderful person!! :thumbsup:


This didn’t happen to me but rather my grandfather, God rest his soul. He had a cancer tumor the size of a football near his kidneys and was given weeks to live. Against doctors orders, he discharged himself from the hospital to be with family. He went to a healing Mass and felt a warmth in his side. When he came back to the hospital, the cancer was gone without a trace. He lived many more happy years.

Ah well, is this considered small miracle?

A matter of personal faith [The Star (Malaysia)]’s%20Meat

Some of your miracles are huge! Thank you to Jeusus and the angels and saints and ou! Blessed Mother!
I have another one-my grandmother of 99 years was in the hospital. Back on her old country she wanted to become a nun. She was very proud to tell how she was to become the spouse of Jesus. But before she took her final vows, her family told her she was needed to go to America with her brother becuase they were poor. So she left the convent. This was in the 1800’s, and it was a french convent where she iived.
Anyway, towards the end of her life I went to see her in the hospital. She was suffering but never complained. I did not know what to bring her-she was 99 and really did not want anymore flowers. Other family members were afraid her things would get lost, so she had nothing on her little room. So I went to her dresser at her home and got a Mary statue that she loved. I handed it to her in her bed and all I saw was her smiling.She could no longer communicated but I knew she was happy. She died that night with a smile on her face holding Mary. It was like she was waiting for Her.
I was orignally going to bring lotion, but could not find it so I brought Mary.

Sistermouse, that wasn’t me that served. I was just commenting on the response from mharren. THAT’S th wonderful person you want to thank. :thumbsup:

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