Small plane crashes into IRS building in Texas

AUSTIN, Texas — A pilot crashed his small plane into an office building that houses federal tax employees in Austin on Thursday, setting off a raging fire that sent workers fleeing as thick plumes of black smoke poured into the air.

Fire officials said one person was unaccounted for after the plane slammed into the second story of the building. Two people were taken to the hospital.

A U.S. law official identified the pilot as Joseph Stack and said investigators were looking at an anti-government message on the Web linked to him. The website expresses fury at the IRS and said violence “is the only answer.”

I passed by that building twice just a little earlier today and saw the damage. It’s really amazing that they don’t think anybody died.

There are a lot of interesting videos on CNN. The pilot left a huge suicide letter with multiple issues with the government and society. Clearly a very troubled man, he needs prayers for his soul.

Hopefully everyone got out alive - but they can’t yet get into the core of the crash area. So far they only have one person unaccounted for - truly a miracle.


Googled his name, got his sucide note. The man was very disturbed. Anti-Catholicism was at the root of most of his issues actually. The proported (no reason to doubt it, it adds up with what is reported) may be found here:

I can only hope he had a sincer change of heart before it was too late (for him).


Glad you were not harmed.

Check your messages.


thanks :)

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