Small question, please read

I hope this is ok to ask here, but I was just wondering how many sins is too many to list in a normal confession not general one. Especially if they are venial.

It’s very unlikely that you are taking up too much of the priest’s time. He’ll let you know if you’re dawdling too much.

Don’t worry! Just confess!!!

My buddy was in confession for over an hour and a half a few months ago. I think you’re fine! :thumbsup:

As a general rule, if I don’t have any mortal sins to confess, I will confess my three most persistent venial sins.

That’s just me - I don’t know if that helps you at all.

If I have more than one mortal sin, I just stick to my mortal sins and don’t worry about my venial sins, since they are included in the Absolution, anyway.

With a sincere examination of conscience, there is no limit to how many sins can (and need to be) confessed. The only caution would be to avoid scrupulosity (seeing sin where no sin exists). A good confessor will be able to help you. If one has many sins to confess, it may be prudent not to dwell on all the details unless the priest asks for more information. God bless…

Confess all your sins even venial ones always. How can you appear before God in His purity if your soul is dirty with seemingly even the smallest of infractions? Honour your guilt feelings. This is the Holy Spirit within you telling you that you have offended God. The quickest way to discontinue sin is the strength, knowledge, courage and the virtue that the sacrament of confessiion gives you. Better to have a guilty conscience than to have no conscience at all. Sometimes a priest does not understand this, telling you your little sin is of no worry. Forgive him his fault but remember, many of the greatest of saints were tormented by their imperfections before our Lord and went to their confessors regularly.

Of course if someone has mortal sins…all of these in number and kind … need to be confessed. (one would add only circumstances that really change the sin…like stealing a chalice from Church…)

But as for venial sins…it can be good to pick some that you are particualry sorry for or are wanting to focus more on over coming…and confess these…and then add "and all the sins of my life especially those of x and Y (like anger or something)…then if you are sorry for these others etc…they too are absolved.

Perhaps try to pick some to fit on your five fingers…a finger can have more than one …

really…we are not expected to list every sin in name since our last confession…

I stick to the five minute rule of Confession: if your confession will take longer than five minutes, make an appointment with your priest. All sins need to be confessed, but they don’t need to be explained. If you have used the Lord’s name in vain, you just say, “I broke the Second Commandment “x” number of times.”

But Confession is awesome! Glad you are thinking of going!

A good way to examine your conscience is through the 10 Commandments. If you have venial sins taking the body and blood of Jesus takes away them sins. They are confessed when we reply Lord I am not worthy to receive you but only say the word and I shall be healed.

I go with what I’ve got. Whatever the Holy Spirit reminds me of. Whatever is causing a lack of peace in my life. MIght be 5 or 6 or more things or maybe just 2 or 3 things.

I try to go every month or six weeks; I think that helps keep the length of “the list” manageable. One time I went and it had been nearly three months, and the list seemed way too long with too many difficult things on it.

Definitely not a question with a “one size fits all” answer.

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