Small Tennessee town outraged over Tyson Foods decision to subsitute Muslim Holiday for Labor Day

Small Tennessee town outraged over Tyson Foods decision

Residents of a Tennessee town are outraged over the decision by a Tyson Foods poultry processing plant that would substitute a Muslim holiday for Labor Day.

According to the Shelbyville Times Gazette, members of the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union wanted a new contract at the Shelbyville plant that “implements a new holiday to accommodate the…Muslim workers at the plant.”


I find it odd. However, a business may do what it wishes. The employees don’t have to stay in their employ and the consumer may not wish to purchase their goods. But the business may do as it wishes.

If a business wishes to be sensitive to its employees with respect to holiday time off, why not institute a floating system? That means those that didn’t want to take Christmas off for whatever reason wouldn’t have to. They could elect to take Ramahanaquanzmas Day off instead.

So give them their own holiday… maybe on a Sunday, the Lord’s Day.

Tyson… wonder why that Chicken crossed the road…


Looks like Tyson has been added to my boycott list. :cool::shrug:

Labor Day is a NATIONAL holiday. Yet, they are going to replace a national holiday with a religious holiday? I hope they are willing to accommodate the Catholics and Jews and others on all their holy days of obligation by giving them paid leave as well. Also, the Muslims are going to be given TWO prayer rooms? What about those of other faiths? I’m sorry but I smell an egg and it’s rotten.

There are plenty of businesses that give the day off for religious holidays, like Good Friday or Christmas Eve, yet don’t let employees off for federal holidays like MLK day, Columbus Day, Washington’s Birthday, or Veterans Day.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it was the union wanting this in their new contract. It’s what unions are good for now days.

700 of the 1200 employees at the Shelbyville Tyson plant are Muslim. Since Eid al-Fitr is as important to Muslims as Christmas is to Christians, it seems only reasonable to accommodate them.

BTW, don’t blame Tyson. It was the union which came up with the idea and pushed for the holiday switch.

It appears the old melting pot no longer melts. It just clogs up on every holiday every group wants to celebrate. When in Rome…

Make sure you let Burger King, McDonald’s and others that use their chicken products. As much as possible my family and I will try our best to avoid the products provided to restaurants and on the shelf.

Look if they had allowed a floating day that each employee could choose to take this would not have bothered me. I would have chosen as mine Good Friday or Easter Sunday an neither is paid in my world.

Others have mentioned the Christians have Christmas off. Christmas can not be celebrated as a HOLY Day in public and must be called a winter holiday or break.

Are you suggesting they should “melt” by giving up their relgious observances? When the Irish and Italians started immigrating en mass to the U.S. they expected their religious practices to be honored in a society that guarentees freedom of religion, depsite the fact that the majority of Christians in the U.S were/are Protestant. Should they have “melted” into the Protestant mix? :confused:

I think floating days would be the best solution to this issue - that way all folks could be accommodated. But I don’t have a problem with these folks getting religious accommodation in the workplace. The reason they need prayer rooms is because they prayer several times a day. Christians may pray too but it is not required of their faith that they do so in such a ritualistic and timely manner - I add this because it was mentioned above.

So many folks on this forum are always griping about the country becoming more secular, then when some folks who devoutly practive a faith other than your own are granted religious accommodation, you don’t like that either. Perhaps you feel that only those who agree with your religious tenets should get these accommodations, is that it? I mean, Christmas is a national holiday afer all. :shrug:

This plant and has at least a 7 year history of problems and importing cheaper labour into the USA.


(202) 616-2777
TDD (202) 514-1888

WASHINGTON, D.C. - - Michael Chertoff, Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division announced today that a federal grand jury in Chattanooga, Tennessee returned a thirty-six count indictment against executives and managers of Tyson Foods, Inc., the world’s largest producer, processor, and marketer of poultry-based food products, for conspiracy to smuggle illegal aliens to Tyson Foods processing facilities in the United States for profit.
“The Department of Justice is committed to vigorously investigating and prosecuting companies or individuals who exploit immigrants and violate our nation’s immigration laws,” said Chertoff. “The bottom line on the corporate balance sheet is no excuse for criminal conduct.”

So they should have to work on Christmas , right… I would vote for that.:smiley:

Yes, they would. They get to pick one or the other, not both. :wink:

Exactly! It is a tough market and the union probalby needed to ask for something it had a chance of getting in order to claim a “win”. This wasn’t the fault or idea of Tyson.

This is how it begins, when you start down the slippery slope of political correctness and appeasement. Nobody wants to offend the muslims, so you just give them whatever they want, and to heck with American culture. I hate to see it. It looks like we’re following Britain’s lead…

That’s what people said about Catholics, too.:ehh:

[quote=KathleenElise]Others have mentioned the Christians have Christmas off. Christmas can not be celebrated as a HOLY Day in public and must be called a winter holiday or break.

:confused: Christmas Day is a federal holiday.

[quote=Digitonomy] :confused: Christmas Day is a federal holiday.

Do you get mail on Christmas? Are the banks open? Public schools? Yep, Federal Holiday.

Christmas Day (December 25)

Most Protestants and Roman Catholics and some Orthodox Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25. Before the 19th century, many Americans worked on Christmas, but in the industrial era the holiday began also to honor universal values, such as home, children and family life, and to incorporate secular customs like exchanging gifts and cards, and the decoration and display of evergreen “Christmas Trees.” Congress proclaimed Christmas a federal holiday in 1870. In 1999, a federal court acknowledged these secular aspects in rejecting a claim that the holiday impermissibly endorsed and furthered a particular religious belief.

Tyson is one of the worst examples of factory farm processors. Their chicken products are laden with chemicals, the chickens are raised in cramped, inhumane conditions, and their workers are paid a pittance.

These are mainly Somali immigrants, who are uneducated immigrants easily exploited.

Link below to** Bird Flu and Chicken Factory Farms:
Profit Bonanza for US Agribusiness** with short exerpt from article below
*And the Reality…
The conditions of chicken breeding and slaughter documented inside the giant factory chicken farms of Tyson, Perdue, ConAgra, contrary to their company propaganda, are anything but reassuring to human health. A recent study of working conditions in US meat and poultry slaughterhouses concluded:

‘Health and safety laws and regulations fail to address critical hazards in the meat and poultry industry. Laws and agencies that are supposed to protect workers’ freedom of association are instead manipulated by employers to frustrate worker organizing. Federal laws and policies on immigrant workers are a mass of contradictions and incentives to violate their rights. In sum, the United States is failing to meet its obligations under international human rights standards to protect the human rights of meat and poultry industry workers.’5

A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report to the US Senate, ‘Safety in the Meat and Poultry Industry,’ in January 2005, concluded that US meat and poultry processing plants had ‘one of the highest rates of injury and illness of any industry.’ They cited exposure to ‘dangerous chemicals, blood, fecal matter, exacerbated by poor ventilation and often extreme temperatures.’ Workers typically face hazardous conditions, loud noise, must work in narrow confines with sharp tools and dangerous machinery.

In the United States, approximately 8.5 billion ‘broiler’ chickens are killed for food in the US each year. That works out to 23 million chickens every day. According to a recent report by VivaUSA, a non-profit organization investigating conditions in US factory farms, ‘Thanks to genetic selection, feed, and being prevented from moving or getting any exercise on factory farms, chickens now grow to be much larger and to grow more quickly than ever before.’ Broilers today need an average of 6 weeks before slaughter compared with 12 weeks in the 1940’s. And that slaughtered chick has been produced at a high cost.*

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