Smallpox vacine and NFP


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My hubby is going to Afghanistan and recieved the smallpox vaccine. He was given some written insructions that seem interesting to me.

This part of his instructions apply to women but I was a little surprised by the last line of it. I should add that I am coping this exactly as I am reading it. The word NOT is capitilized, in bold letters, italized and larger then the other writing because that is how it is in typed on the sheet.:

Take steps to preven pregnancy during the month before and after vaccinatioin:

Do not have sex or

Use effective birth control **every time **you have sex. Effective birth control methods include male or female sterilization, hormonal methods(such as birth control pills, implants patches, or injections) and intrauterine devices(IUD) Condoms and the use of spermicide with diaphragms, sponges or cervical caps are also acceptable methods, although they are less effective.

Do [size=5]NOT rely solely on the rhythm method or ‘natural family’ planning method[/size]


The name of this writing by the way is: Smallpox Vaccine what you need to know. I don’t know who puts it out but my Hubby is in the AirForce.

Is NFP considered that unreliable by health care providers?


Looks like the vaccine can cause severe complications in an unborn child. They are probably asking that for those who use NFP to not use it solely…i.e. use it along with other forms of birth control to make sure you won’t get pregnant. I think thats what it is saying anyway. I would just not have sex for the month. Sounds quite a bit safer.


Is NFP much less effective then sponges, which the pamphlet says is okay?

I don’t use NFP because before we became Catholic my hubby had a vasectomy. But now I am curious.

This would be really difficult for a practicing Catholic. MY hubby will be going away for six month February 10. He just got the shot yesterday. This means that a Catholic couple would have to refrain from sex even before the spouse is deployed. That is tough.

Here is the pamphlet on line. I think that the CDC puts it out. I wrote from page three.


If the vaccine is so dangerous to a developing baby, why don’t they just be responsible and tell people to abstain and admit that every method on that list can fail and it’s not worth risking an innocent human being. :mad:


That is what I wondered and why I asked if NFP was more unreliable then other methods of Birthcontrol?


NFP can be as effective as you make it… with conservative use it can be 99% effective.

Health care professionals aren’t all that informed on NFP.

My sister is in nursing school, and she said when they were discussing birth control and mentioned NFP that many students literally laughed and where shocked that outdated things like that were still used! She was brave enought to stand up and defend it (without knowing any of the rubrics of NFP)…

My own midwife practically laughed at me… at my postpartum appointment after my second child she asked what type of birth control I’d like to use, and I mentioned that I’d been using NFP for 5 years. She literally laughed and said, “see you again in a few months!” (implying I’d be pregnant again soon!)…

Anyway… that makes me upset to. To call out NFP like that is pretty uneducated about HOW it actually works!


Is NFP much less effective then sponges, which the pamphlet says is okay?

Nope. NFP is actually the only form of birth control that is 100% effective when used right. However, we use it and also remain open to the fact that God can and will allow life whenever He wills.

I fully agree that abstaining, espcially before ones husband is deployed, would be very difficult. Believe me I know. My husband and I lived as brother and sister for a year before we were married. It is not easy whatsoever. However, we must weigh the risks and options. It is either NFP, and you can still get pregnant, or abstain.


Maybe “NFP” is different from NFP.


Even mentioning the “rhythm method” in the leaflet is proof positive they are behind the times with regard to NFP. NFP is more reliable than all the “effective birth control” methods they mention. You have to know what you’re doing with NFP though, some folks practice a loose form of it and still consider themselves practicing NFP when they simply are not. Then when they get pregnant “unintentionally” they blame the method rather than their use of it. The CDC is most likely not supportive of the use of NFP because in all honesty the majority of practitioners are not strictly following the rules. I don’t give them any credit for recommending the other “effective” measures they do mention though, they are irresponsible in my opinion by not simply saying, “Do not have sex”, and leaving it at that.


NFP is the only one of the aforementioned that you can use to get pregnant, as well as sucessfully not get pregnant.
Ignorance about NFP is astounding, and it is usually compared to withdrawal or random guesswork, which aren’t going to be sucessful.


She literally laughed and said, “see you again in a few months!”

The only appropriate response would be, “No you won’t. You’re fired!”

Health care is getting to be a bit of a misnomer. I am beginning to use the term health service instead.


Speaking from experience I had to get the MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella) vaccination as a requirement to practice as a student nurse. It is recommended that a women should wait for at least one month following MMR immunization before becoming pregnant because there is a chance that a pregnant woman who is given the MMR vaccine could pass the measles, mumps or rubella virus on to the unborn baby. However, DH and I continued to practice NFP and everything was fine. I think that complete abstinence for a whole month would have been a little silly. I think that’s where trust in God and having confidence in your ability to practice NFP comes in.


I would hazard to say the pamphlet’s warning to NOT use NFP or the rythm method wasn’t to call NFP unreliable, but rather people.

The advanced and effective methods of NFP available today, along with the charts, computer programs and other devices are not difficult to master, but they do require understanding, practice and sometimes guidance.

For the average couple, especially a couple experiencing separation due to being in the service, they might not have the time, discipline or structure required to correctly practice NFP.

Popping a pill once a day is going to be easier, even if the pill has a worse failure rate than NFP.


My daughters godparents, when they first became Catholic, were still using birth control under the advice of a priest. They were using the Depo Vera shot. When they realized birth control was wrong and dangerous they stopped use. However, they themselves did not stop their. The Dr’s advice was that they not have a baby for one year after stopping the shot because a child could be severely disfigured or handicapped because of the shot. They abstained for one year!!! This, to me, was the responsible thing to do.


I thought about this. Yet, I also wondered if a couple that would be lazy with NFP, would also be lazy with things like condoms and sponges.:confused:


Only by the ignorant ones.


Quite the opposite. NFP is more reliable than the sponge or condoms.


I’m a nursing student also, and the same thing happened in one of my classes. It was the joke of the day.

At the time I was 9 months pregnant so I didn’t see the point in speaking up…I would have just been the “proof” that NFP doesn’t work. :rolleyes:


I wonder how many woman are given this tidbit of information before they are prescribed the shot? :mad:

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