Smart cars overturned in California crime spree



Smart cars overturned in California crime spree

Authorities in San Francisco are investigating the vandalism of four diminutive Smart cars found turned over on their sides on Monday. The four vehicles had body damage and broken windows, a police spokesman said.
Seven suspects wearing hooded sweatshirts were reported in the area.

     Other instances of vandalism of the small cars have been  reported in Canada and the Netherlands, where at least one vehicle was  dumped into a canal.
     California authorities are looking into whether the latest  incidents on Monday morning were an act of vandalism or a campaign  against the small vehicles, which weigh less than 2,000lbs (907kg), the  San Francisco Chronicle [reports]("").

Is it a campaign against eco-friendly cars or do vandals prefer cars that can be flipped by one or two people? The latter I suspect.

Another possibility is that concerned citizens are trying to prevent the unwary from riding around in these death traps.


While the sight of a Smart Car driving on the streets gives me the screaming heebie-jeebies, this is still a wanton lack of Charity against ones neighbor. I will keep the perpetrators and the owners in prayer.


I suspect the latter as well. Funny you should mention this, just yesterday on the way to dinner we were stopped at a red light behind a Prius, it occurred to me to ask my wife if she thought I could flip it over by myself; they look like toys!


I highly doubt it is a rebellion against eco-friendly cars - they are just easier to flip over than Suburbans


This. Back in high school, VW Beetles were still popular - even the band teacher had one. He left work one day to find it neatly placed in the middle of the parking barriers. There are also stories of kids picking them up and turning them to face the opposite direction when parked on the street.


Funny you should mention that.
I mentioned this story to a co-worker and he said he & his buds in high schools used to carry a teacher’s car (a Karmann Ghia) and part it in front of a fire hydrant.


This is just a dumb prank, probably being done by local college kids, nothing more, I used to hear about this kind of thing happening alot in the past, but police never got that concerned about. Strange that today, everything is a MAJOR crime! LOL

Its nice you would pray for the effected parties, but I hardly doubt prayer is warranted for such dumb pranks. Just my opinion though.


I would think prayer is warranted most for people acting with stupidity than with intentional malice in their hearts, and no prayers are ever wasted.


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