Smart Phones


I recently took a new job and they promised me a ‘smart phone’ as part of the deal.

Once I started, they were fumbling around and finally told me I was getting a blackberry. Then they lost it and I right now have I believe a Motorola Razr.

Now I’m not in on the phone thing. I’m pretty sure a Razr isn’t a smart phone. Is a blackberry?

What’s classifies a smart phone?

And what are the popular ones out there?


a razr is not a smartphone. Blackberry is.
essentially at this point it’s all about Android and Apple. Blackberry is playing catch up but none the less a great operating system.
I’m sure you can find other forums out there that have better info on specific phones.
Congrats on your new job and goog luck

I have a blackberry and will switch to a less expensive phone as soon as my contract is up. It’s a great phone I just don’t like the big bill. I might try an Android if I can get a lower monthly rate though.

My late DH had a Blackberry. It was a smartphone. It was more difficult to operate than my iPhone, which is also a smartphone. I love the iPhone.
The Android, though, is similar to the iPhone.

The Razr is just a phone.

Do a Google search.

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