Smart world energy policy involves nuclear, hydroelectric & geothermal

A smart world energy policy involves using 3 energy sources-nuclear/atomic energy, hydro-electric dams & geothermal. We must save some of the fossil fuels such as coal & natural gas-limiting natural gas for transport fuels. Renwable energies such as wind & solar can be used, but both energies are not so green. Wind & solar uses more land, more materials & give less energy. Windmills have been linked to hearing loss, killing birds, barotrauma in bats. Solar panels have dangerous chemicals in them such as Arsenic, selenium, etc. After the 2001 Fukushima disaster, Germany in 2011 reinserted the phaseout, Italy canceled plans for new nuclear build after voters rejected this & anti-nuclear law was passed in Switzerland. This is wrong & Catholic columnist Patrick J. Buchanan has said that what the Germans did in 2011 is wrong. Yes, we must be prudent with nuclear/atomic energy as with any energy source. But nuclear/atomic power does good things & they’re not the evil as the 1979 movie China Syndrome.

The Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant in Florida has done a good job working with wildlife officials to protect the endangered American crocodile. Environmentalists since the 2000s are divided on nuclear/atomic energy. Yes, you have Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace & Sierra Club who are hostile-those 3 groups are lobbyists for renewable energies & renewable energies to repeat do their own harm to environment. Sierra Club has allowed it’s logo to be put on Clorox & been sponosored by Clorox has had it’s violations of environment. But you have environmentalists who support nuclear/atomic power such as Wildlife Habitat Council. American Lung Association, Stephen Tindale of Climate Answers & Patrick Moore-former Greenpeace founder who has since been called ‘Eco-Judas’ & ‘Darth Vader’ after he changed his view from against nuclear to favoring nuclear. A usual accusation by anti-nuclear groups is to accuse thos of us who support nuclear power of being shills. Yes, some of us work for nuclear industry & there’s nothing wrong with that. But many of us who support nuclear/atomic power do so because we understand that it’s efficient.

While people must be humble about nuclear/atomic energy, nuclear/atomic energy can be consistent with environment. If a place can get 100% of it’s energy from hydro-electric dams (China is building many of these in addition to nuclear) or Geothermal as Iceland does, then yes, use them. What we must not do is go to the extreme as Germany & Austria (1978 law) has done in phasing out or refusing nuclear. Germany is building more coal plants & exporting gas from Russia. Coal emits 100* more radiation, while most of the atomic waste is contained.

They must perfect the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor. We must use the advanced nuclear reactors which have been built in the past 10 years. China & India are building the most advanced nuclear reactors. Small Modular Reactors which are put underground & Underwater will be the newer reactors going online. Like it or not the nuclear/atomic topic is not going away. It didn’t go away after Chernobyl & it’s not going away after Fukushima. BP did not go away after the 2010 oil disaster as what happened were Congressional hearings, condemnations but BP remained in business & making profits again. Again, if a place can get 100% of it’s energy from hydroelectric dams & geothermal, then let’s use them. Nuclear/atomic energy can be done to benefit the environment & while we must be humble, people must not get paranoid. We must reduce fossil fuel consumption.

by President Bruno Comby was founded in 1996 & made up of environmentalists who support nuclear/atomic energy.

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