Smartphone/PDA (Windows Mobile) Catholic Resources

G’morning Everyone,

I have done a lot of research here (and elsewhere) on some good Catholic Resources for my Smartphone which runs on Windows Mobile 6 (an A&TT Tilt).

Some of these cost money, but I found them to be really useful - especially in conjunction with other software.

So I thought I would post them here for others benefit:

Bible Software:
($24.00)New American Standard Bible
I happen to catch a 20% off coupon online at the main site when I purchased.

" Catholic Devotional ($6.50)Bible Day by Day
For use with the Olive Tree Bible Software (i.e. not stand alone, need their reader)
I happen to catch a 20% off coupon online at the main site when I purchased.

Catholic Day 1.2 - Displays Saint of the Day (Expand to read the writeup on the saint) as well as which Mystery is assigned to today. Please note this is old software and only officially supported to WM2003 - however I have tested and it worked fine after one week. Download the trial to be sure first. See screenshot below.

My Mobiler 1.23 - A Screen Emulator. Allows you to control your phone from your desktop with your mouse. I use this to read my bible or devotional while on lunch on my laptop. Also good when you want to play chess on your phone while you eat your sandwich.

Knights of Columbus Windows Mobile Theme:
I personally had themes for the 3rd and 4th Degree made, and have permission to distribute by the designer. Originally designed by I have temporarily posted them at this link until their website redesign is complete. you do have permission to distribute with credit to See Screenshot below:


This is great info. I am trying to get Tilt now and will put up S/W I find too. This would be great thread to progress. Are you on the AT&T HTC Forum?

I am actually a daily visitor on and actively visit thier forums which redirects me to the Axim Site Forums. Not sure if this is the same site you speak of, can you provide a link otherwise.

While we are discussing software - let me give you some other “Must Haves” that I really liked for Windows Mobile.Outside the Catholic Applications I mentioned in my first post.

Net Front - Web Browser

Windows Live Search Mobile - Free GPS, Maps, Directions, Traffic, and Gas Location by Cheapest Cost and Distance.

Keep Track by Ilium Software - Keeps track of my expenditures such Gas Receipts, Home Depot Receipts, etc. This prevents my wallet filling up with paper recipts that fall out anyway. ($24.00 or $14.00 depending on the version you buy).

Kaiser Tweak - Written about many times on the Tiltsite forums. This utility helps you tweak and adjust all the odd settings in your phone (i.e. how long before screen dims, power saving network settings, etc)

TeKnowMagic Chess - Stupid game keeps kicking my novice behind, but I really like the application and in conjunction with

My Mobiler 1.23 mentioned above, I play on my laptop at lunch.

Windows Mobile 6 Theme Site - Have tested on a tilt with no problem. The Themes are well built. And even though they are not actively producing during their website revamp, some very nice Themes were made at my request with a small donation in under 24 hours.

Tiltdepot - Easily Searchable, and quick shipping times. - Great resource for free applications and reviews on each.

Ilium Software - Very well written applications for things like keeping track of expenditures, To Do lists, Secure Password Storage, Secure Financial Information Storage, etc. I am personal on a trial of “Keep Track” and love it! - This was actually given to me by my wifes company, but considering AT&T won’t insure the phone, I thought it a good investment.

Think that is about it, I would love to see anyone else post their two cents for their favorite Windows Mobile (or Blackberry/PDA). Doesn’t necessarily need to be for a tilt.

Boy these are great, I will definitely use some of this software. I was referring to these sights for general support forums of the Tilt.

I find the AT&T site has more users.

I really do appreciate the links! Thanks!

Olive Tree also has the Revised Common Lectionary for $15 (need a new one each year). Is that the same Lectionary schedule used in Catholic Churches?

You can also get both the NAB and NRSV for only $20 by getting it on CD through Amazon. It’s still from Olive Tree. I should be receiving that any day now; until then I have the KJV ($5) and Douay-Rheims (free).

(But mine is on a Palm TX.)

I intend to write Olive Tree and suggest they try to get the Catechism of the Catholic Church added to their product line! They have plenty of other commentaries and reference works, so why not?

The fact that they speak of Cycles A B And C make me think it is a Catholic Lectionary. I would be curious if someone could confirm that.

Thanks for the link!:thumbsup:

By the way, I just deciphered your handle. Are you a hockey player, figure skater, mom or dad of one, rink employee, or what? I’m a figure skater, myself, as are both of my grown daughters.

LOL - Short for “The Mad Zamboni Driver” a very old handle/screen name.

Just a big hockey fan, specifically I follow the giant mess we call the Atlanta Thrashers. Me and the wife are big fans, even started taking my little one at 12 weeks - at 20 months, she loves hockey! :yup:

If I ever win the lottery, am going to quit and drive a Zamboni Driver somewhere.

Course I should learn how to skate on ice first.

Has anyone got a pda Rosary program?

There are several.
If you don’t mind spending $3.99 check out

There’s also this freeware program, but it looks rather beta-ish, so YMMV.

If you have a decent data plan, this site has a version of the rosary you can pray online that is specifically designed for use with mobile phones: says that a pocketPC version is coming “soon”, but I suspect “soon” means sometime before the next century :stuck_out_tongue: (

Anybody know if any of these programs are compatible with the OS on new Blackberries or if there are versions that are? Much thanks!

Just a follow up…

Catholic Day 1.2, although works, does not unlock and the program developers are not responsive - so it never comes out of trial mode.

So if you are able to get this to work, please let me know. But be forewarned.


Thanks all of you for this thread. I’ll be making use of these many helpful suggestions!

With regard to the Revised Common Lectionary… it is a helpful if imperfect resource for Catholics. The bottom line is that it will usually be “close,” but will not always match up with our Catholic lectionary.

For example… for this coming Sunday (7Sep08) the RCL presents: Exodus 12:1-14 (or Ezekiel 33:7-11), Psalm 149 (or Psalm 119:33-40), Romans 13:8-14, and Matthew 18:15-20.

Our Catholic readings are: Ezekiel 33:7-9, Psalm 95:1-2, 6-7, 8-9, Romans 13:8-10, and Matthew 18:15-20.

So, again, it’s not going to be a spot-on resource for the readings, but the RCL is at least minimally helpful. Numerous Protestant communities utilize the RCL. Wikipedia gives something of an explanation of its origins (which was heavily Catholic-influenced) and usage.

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