Smartphone screens found to be more than three times dirtier than a toilet seat


What crappy news from Sky News.


It’s because people rarely if ever clean their screens with a disinfectant. Which is on my to-do list now.


I clean my with eye glass cleaner every couple days (I mainly use it as an alarm clock). I think I need to find a cleaner with something stronger in it.


I cleaned mine with windex a few days ago. Rubbing alcohol should also work.


In general I think peoples hands come in contact with more than their butts. If I use a hand rail on the public train station or airport I’m coming in contact with a lot of the things that people have deposited there.


Yes and I have a lurking suspicion many people aren’t washing their hands after going to the bathroom. Eek!


Well there you go, people’s phones have all the bacterial you can find on a toilet seat and more!


Hand sanitizer works well on smartphones screens. I clean mine every couple of days. Gets rid of the smudges pretty well.


A veritable bonanza of bacteria.


Cannot understand why people do not clean their phones (this means taking apart and cleaning the case as well), their keys, their rosaries (I’ve seen some very filthy rosary beads when I’m asked to repair them).


Bleach wipe is your very best cleaner.


I think I need to clean my phone.


I’ve been using Zeiss screen cleaners which I also use for cleaning my glasses and the computer screen. Quite good and relatively cheap. My phone is ancient mind you, I simply can’t be bothered to change it as I particularly like the screen on it and general features and it still does what I want from a phone.


Thanks for the reminder to wipe mine down with an alcohol pad.


Mine is filthy, that’s for sure. My daughters like to play with it. At 4 and half, and 21 months, they are, shall we say, not excessively concerned with personal hygiene.


I would be careful using anything alcohol-based on a smartphone screen – there’s some chance it could remove any coatings on the glass.


only if you don’t clean them!


Hmm. I was told by my sister who was told by the Apple store guy to use hand sanitizer.

I’ve got that plastic shield over the actual screen, so I guess it’s ok for the plastic screen, not the actual screen.


The Apple people probably know better than I do what’s safe to use, particularly on an iPhone. I’m in the Android world, but I suspect the glass comes from the same suppliers.


Right. I use Windex or Formula 49. If unavailable, just use a fairly damp soapy paper towel, dry right away, of course.

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