Smash, the TV show--who's watching?

Is anyone actually watching Smash?

After all the hype over the last few months, I felt like my husband and I were the only people in the U.S. not watching the premiere of this show. But honestly, from what I could see in the promos, most of the dialogue was cliche after tired cliche. “I’d keep an eye on that one!” “There’s something about her–she glows.” etc. etc. Oh, brother. A middle-schooler could write better than that.

I especially felt sorry for the great Angelica Huston and all the cliche lines and actions(throwing a glass of wine in someone’s face–how very original!) .

But I realize that perhaps the promos were not an accurate portrayal of the show.

So what does everyone think? Or were there others besides me and my husband who didn’t bother to watch?

Is it really a good show? Should I forget about the silly promos and give Smash a second chance?

In case anyone is wondering, we have a daughter who is “in the business.” She’s a professional stage manager, and she just landed a gig with a Broadway producer. (We’re so excited!) So we’re kind of sort of used to the real theater thing, at least second-hand. I would love for the show to be really good, because it would be a way of experiencing what my daughter experiences.

I am among those not watching. You are not alone :thumbsup:

I’ve never even heard of this show until just now.

Of course, I’m a bit out of touch, since I haven’t had a TV hooked up to anything but a DVD player for, oh, six or seven years… Except for the year and a half it sat where we set it on moving day, when it wasn’t connected to anything.

When we travel and stay at hotels, or my mom’s, we get 200 channels or so to choose from. And seldom find anything worth watching.

When TV started showing programs in color it was the beginning of the end.

Tried to avoid it but had time to spare tonight so I put called it up On Demand. I liked it.
Didn’t have too much of Angelica but enough to get a feel for the character. Enjoyed the format. The numbers. Will give it a few more episodes to see if I follow it through.

If anyone wants to see it and missed the original broadcasts, the full season is available on the NBC site until September.

So far, I’ve watched the first six episodes. I agree with Cat regarding the cliche lines and actions - they certainly are enough of them! And some of the unrelated subplots about the characters’ personal lives really detract from what should be a very intense main storyline. It’s as though the writers couldn’t come up with enough “Marilyn” material to make an entire episode, so they started injecting filler, and eventually became addicted to it.

Anyway, I think the most interesting and complex character is Ivy. Behind her ambitious “diva” facade, she’s really quite vulnerable and insecure - actually more of a sympathetic charcter than I’d expected.

OK, I’ve watched a few more episodes since my last posting, and my well-considered conclusion is:

Ivy RULES!!!

“Smash the TV” show, eh? Sounds great, I feel like doing that every night.


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