Smells and Bells Mass

I went to a new church on Sunday. It is called
Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church
Roman Catholic X Anglican Use

  • It was a completely different mass experience. I know it is approved by the archdiocese of houston so it is not a SSPX mass but it does have the altar facing the different way and you bow and cross yourself many times and you kneel during the our father and you take communion at the rail. I am just confused as to what type of mass it is acutally called. I know my friend called it the Smells and Bells mass since they use incense and ring the bells during the mass. can anyone help me with figuring out what this is?


I think it’s called an “Anglican Use” Mass.

Yup. Anglican Use. I’ve been to OL Walsingham before. It’s really grown! I was a member of one of its sister parishes, Our Lady of the Atonement (, for 3 years. These parishes are under the pastoral provision that JPII put into effect. It lets anglican clergymen become Catholic priests, even if they are married. THe PP also allows for parishes to be set up with an anglican “flavor” of worship according to revised rites that the Pope has approved. The priests are usually converts from the Episcopalian church, and they are solidly Catholic.

How I’d love to attend an AUR parish here in the Twin Cities! But, there aren’t any. Just reading about OLOW makes my heart ache for such a parish!

I really enjoyed it. i was just wondering if this it what people experienced before or right after VII. I have never been to a mass with the altar turned the other direction. i was blown away on just how much more reverance there seem to be at this mass. Not once did the cell phone go off and i didn’t even notice that mass was about an hour and half. I liked this type of mass better than the latin mass that they have downtown. It didn’t feel as lost and i felt like a participate intsead of an observer. I also like communion being served in two species at the rail because i has the sniffles and normally wouldn’t have taken from the wine so as to not to spread my cold.

Though speaking with “thy” is something i will have to practice!

I still remember all the fun I had in the OLOTA choir. Beautiful music that I’d never heard. It blew away all the guitar mass music I had been used to since then.

Be sure and go to Lenten Stations of the Cross/Benediction. That’s what sold me on the Anglican Use.

I can still picture my old priest, Fr. Phillips at OLOTA, giving the final blessing:

“May the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge of God, and of His Son Jesus Christ. And may Almighty God bless you, Father, Son, Holy Spirit.”

I wrote that from memory. It’s such a send-off.

You’ve found a jewel.


Here’s a photo of OL of the Atonement

Wow - that looks amazing!!! I would love to attend that mass. I just spent the last half hour reading through the order of mass and it sounds wonderful.

You have found a gem indeed!


Here’s a link to a Mass DVD from OLOTA:

DVD Trailer

And here is a clip from the local San Antonio tv station where the pastor, Fr. Christopher Phillips, spoke about the Passion of the Christ back when it was all the buzz. It’s a multi-panel discussion with a protestant minister and a Jewish lady, and the news anchor hosted it. Fr. Phillips was awesome! If you can imagine, his homilies were even better.

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