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My kids go to Catholic gradeschool. I know that I’m the primary religious educator for them, but Ithink too that the school has the obligation to try and form good consciences in the kids they teach. “Teach the truth” doesn’t seem to be a radical idea to me, but what do I know. I do know that Catholic gradeschools aren’t very Catholic, at least by what would seem to be good and achievable ends, that is to teach young people the truth about our faith. So crucial and so overlooked this idea of something being either beautiful or ugly. I wanted feedback on this situation. My kids are well up on their faith and understand the issues and how one has to vote with a well formed Catholic conscience, although being too young to vote. Their school subscribes to this weekly reader secular pub for kids and the features lately have centered on the candidates and voting. It doesn’t say anything at all about their stances but gives happy info like how many kids they have and what the family dogs name is. So now the kids get to vote on these principles and send them off somewhere to be counted for what exacly I"m not sure. My son came home and told me that there were Kerry for pres. posters put up at the school in the hallways by 7-8th graders. I just want to know that I’m not crazy by going in and talking to Sister(principle) about this. Why am I bothering to send my kids to this school? So now my daughter who marches with me in pro-life is going to be encouraged to make posters advocating ugliness. There have been other things as well. Is anyone else experiencing this?


George -

Although my children never attended Catholic schools, I taught CCD in our parish. At that time, the diocese in which we lived (Omaha) was in strict line with the Vatican, but still some parishes chose more ‘liberal’ education standards. I would not be the least surprised if your parish is doing the same. What I would suggest is that you talk with the principal to find out exactly what is being discussed in classrooms about the candidates, their positions on various issues, and the church’s position on those issues. If the children are not hearing the Church’s positions, I would ask why not, and then speak with your pastor. If you still don’t get satisfaction, go to the Diocesan Education office. If they can’t help, go to the bishop.

Finally, inform your children of the Church’s position on critical issues, and encourage them to speak up for those positions. Hope this helps, though I know you are in a difficult situation.
God Bless!


Dear George:
Welcome to the Catholic School system…If it smells fishy it probably is fishy. :wink:
I live in Canada, but have experienced the many frustrations of having your children in the Catholic system. Let me say it ain’t what it used to be.
However, I’ll share some of the ways I dealt with some of these issues.
First, I went to the teacher himself…In alot of schools the principal doesn’t really know what the teachers are being taught…For me this was a waste of time though, as my children’s teacher, just doesn’t know how to relate to adults.
Second, I attended school council meetings. For me this was very important, because both the vice principal and principal attended these meetings…so this is where I spoke out about different issues. I think this is a good thing to do, because not only are the principals there, but so to are the parents and our parish priest…So I found that bringing up my misgivings etc… enlightened many parents, who don’t really realize what’s going on.
Third, I spoke to our parish priest, who now visits our school on a regular basis.
Fourth, I wrote our bishop.
Fifth, I wrote the Canadian Catholic Bishops.

The bottom line here is that, God is no longer a priority in our schools. Math and science are the top priorities, and takes up too much time that religion comes in last.
We really need to pray for our Catholic School system, and let our bishops know, that we are not pleased with what’s happening.

P.S. One year we actually had a principal, who brought in a book for some of the Grade 8’s to read…I forget the title, but the book was about the possibility of Jesus being a woman!!! :frowning:
Needless to say that that principal wasn’t there the next year, BUT she just moved to another Catholic School. (Something like what happened with the priests moving on to other parishes, when accused of sexual crimes!!)
Please don’t give up the fight though…

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