In honor of aprils fool’s day, post your favorite Smiley!

  1. Have fun
  2. no saying this is a silly idear, it’s fun
  3. Share a smile With at least one person today
  4. post as many as you like

I LOVE the Jr. Birdman from the “goofdom” series!! It’s so cute! And I think this is a fine idear. :jrbirdman:

:takethat: :manvspc: :frighten: :highprayer: :signofcross: :getholy: :banghead: :snowing:

Hi. :wave:

I’ve always been partial to this one, since I just love flowers. :flowers:

I wanted to share a little tip with you since you asked for them in another thread a few days ago. Fun threads like this one have a wonderfully appropriate home in the Back Fence. :smiley:

Sorry, i have a horrible trouble with getting around here. I post threads if i can find a thread starter:popcorn::rotfl::whackadoo::jrbirdman::choocho::takeoff::egyptian::bluelite:


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