Smokeless Fire


Exodus: The bush was burning, but not consumed by the flames. Is this “smokeless fire”?

The Muslims believe the Jinn were created from such things. Are these stories connected?


Exodus happened around either the 1400s or 1200s B.C. The religion of Islam didn’t exist until the 7th century A.D. Therefore there is no connection.


Since smoke is a byproduct of something’s being consumed by fire, and since this was a non-consuming fire, it’s logical to assume that the fire would be smokeless.

The reference about the djinn is Qur’an 15:27, which says, “And the Djinn race; We had created before, from the fire of a scorching wind;” literally, from the fire of the “simoom” (link below). So this is not talking about a literal fire; just a hot wind. Even if it were talking about a literal fire, there’s no mention of smokelessness, and even if there were a mention of smokelessness, a fire can be scorching and smokeless without being non-consuming.

The fire that Moses saw was a miraculous theophany, designed to grab his attention.



…that logic makes no sense…


I guess the Christians believed in Guardian Angels: beings that are assigned by God to watch over certain people.

The Muslims took it one step further and claim that Satan chooses a demon for each person. This creature is known as a Jinn and the belief is so strong that there are courts today in Muslim countries that will excuse evil deeds if the accused can demonstrate that a Jinn was involved.

I guess the Muslims take it back to a story about Solomon putting “troublesome spirits” into bottles and lamps. He did this using a Solomon’s ring a magic item that allowed him to control spirits.


If God wants to put a newspaper into a fire and have the newspaper not even singe let alone burn than He can do that if He wants.

He can make a helium balloon sink to the bottom of the ocean and make a big ship float in the sky if He wants.

God is not constrained by laws, remember He created the world so He can do what He wants with it.


It makes no sense to not give a reason for saying that something makes no sense.


Makes no sense to be jerk for no reason.


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