Smoking and guns

Not too long ago smoking was an acceptable custom. But today it is not. The change was simple: smoking was made socially unacceptable. It is considered a filthy habit. What facilitated the change? A concentrated attack on smoking on every front. Today smoking is still legal, but seriously frowned upon.

This is the tactics that could and should be made about guns. Keep them legal, but expose them for what they are: means to kill. They have no other reason to exist. If someone wishes to use firearms, let them join the armed forces or the National Guard. It can be argued that they can be used for hunting. So let there be single shot guns or rifles. A hunter does not need automatic or semi-automatic weapons. Better would be using bows and arrows, make hunting truly a sport.

But even this kind of change would not be easy to implement. The solution would be the classrooms. Teach the children what weapons can do. Show them the results of mass murders, the corpses of their friends and classmates. Let them see the blood. Cruel, but useful method to change the attitude toward firearms.

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this is probably more of a casual discussion topic than world news.

can we do this for abortion too?


So you want to use the government schools to propagandize children rather than educate them? That’s an interesting idea that I’m sure everybody could get behind. Education is overrated, indoctrination is the key to creating the new Soviet man.


If people object to seeing body parts on signs depicting what abortion is, I doubt they’ll sign off on this either.

It’s not really casual discussion. Maybe morality or social justice.

Factually false. If the only reason for guns was to kill, then why are there 300 million civilian owned Firearms that have never killed a person?

Wait. If guns only exist to kill, are you here giving permission to government to kill? If the only reason for guns is to kill, then government should have to give up guns first since it kills many more civilians than civilians do.

That is an argument, but not the one the constitution offers. As long as government has guns, so should civilians.
As an aside, virtually no civilian owns automatic firearms.

Not in mine.

Show them the valiant efforts of the minutemen at Lexington and Concord. Show them the hundreds of thousands of times people have defended their families and themselves with firearms.

Show them the mass murders by governments that do not have to worry about armed citizens fighting back. Show them the Killing Fields, the death camps, the gulags.
Show them Wounded Knee.


A lot more people die in street crimes every day in America than the occasional mass shooting. Why isn’t this given at least the same amount of attention?


By all means. Show them the result of every abortion, which was committed unlawfully by a firearm.

To show the result of using firearms IS teaching.

I can buy that, definitely not a good fit in the current sub-forum though.

So, you’re going to show how the legal use of firearms saves lives, and also provides tasty meals?


Teach them how to safely handle firearms.


What does this mean? You don’t count all abortions? You don’t count it as bad as abuse of firearms?

While we’re on this topic of killers in the USA, I’ll bet opioids is killing more Americans that firearms now.

So what does this say? Is one trying to control an aspect of our lives?

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Joke poster status confirmed. Don’t waste any more time folks.


1 in 5 people in the US smoke, so not sure that’s a complete picture

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And they are treated as second rate citizens.

This isn’t true at all.

Many people enjoy going to a firing range and trying to hit the target.

I would probably enjoy this, as I love arcade games like skee ball, and I’m a corn-hole fanatic–don’t bring the game near me because I will play it until my arms drop off! I loved stick hockey when I was a kid, and still love the game when I see it. I could sit there for hours trying to knock that wooden puck into that slot!

And I love to watch hockey–the idea is to hit the tiny puck into the goal–a target game! And basketball–throwing a ball into a target (basket)–love watching it, even if it’s just a bunch of kids playing down at the park!!

I love all of these “hitting the target” type games, and I know lots of people share my enthusiam!

Heck, I love throwing my socks across the room into my laundry basket!

I know a lot of people, including my daughter and son-in-law, enjoy their time at the shooting range trying to see which of them is the better shot!

Target practice doesn’t kill anyone. It’s fun for those who love hitting a target.


I already said that I agree. Target practice and hunting are not the same category as mowing down a bunch of kids in the school or at church.

I’m amazed this thread hasn’t been shut down. If you’re not American, little point contributing to such threads. Let us all pray for peace on our world, our communities, and our hearts

My concern is what a totalitarian government might do to citizens without guns. China had 70 million dead. Soviet Union had millions more under Stalin. When weapons are confiscated only government and criminals have them.


You are mistaken. I lived in one of the communist countries, and I can attest that no criminals owned guns. Young girls walked on the empty streets unmolested late night. You should learn the real facts, and not just the propaganda.

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