Smoking and the Spiritual Life

You can’t convince someone who smokes its bad for them I understand I smoked and many other things - its your personal choice and I will respect it. I will point out that nicotine is considered to be the third most additive substance in the world just under heroin and cocaine something you might want to consider.


Have you ever tried LaCroix or Canada Dry Seltzer? I love those :blush:

I miss my Starbucks Dark Roast. Unfortunately, I had to give up caffeine. It wrecked my gastrointestinal tract.


Starbucks coffee has given me an acid stomach virtually every time I’ve had it. IDK why but it even happened when someone made it at home and didn’t tell me what brand for 2 days.


It was worth it for awhile! Especially when I was working midnights.


Two words…Mystic Monks…DIY at home for the best cup… :yum:


I keep meaning to order from them, my friend LOVES their coffee.
It’s still on my queue. I get most of my coffee from Wawa, especially when they have “dollar any size cup” or “Free Coffee Tuesday” specials going on. A 24 oz cup can last me 3 days. I usually only drink 1 cup a day, if that.
McD’s is another good place for a serviceable black coffee and you can usually get it for a dollar with coupon, or get something else free with it like this month they have free cinnaomon rolls and apple fritters.


Tis_Bearself…I only drink one cup a day but am on their monthly club with MM…if you PM me I would love to send you an early Christmas present.
I have several unopened bags to the point I am skipping this month.
I also got their picture of Mary and had it matted and framed and I am going to get it blessed and it will be my mothers Christmas present this year.
Their coffee “Vault” is great also…
If interested, just send a PM…I have way more than I need…

Ok, back to thread and why things are bad for you, even though no-one is guaranteed a tomorrow.

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Yes everyone stop eating anything with sugar in it right this minute. :upside_down_face:

Biggest addictive substance in the world.


That’s right! Darn sugar is giving me Diabeetus…

Pass the doughnuts🤫


By the Ghost of Wilford Brimley!!!

Did you say doughnuts…


I don’t smoke but I can’t resist telling that joke:

At a theological conference, a Franciscan rushes out during the break. He needs a cigarette so badly. But first, he has to pray the office - so he finds a quiet corner, opens his breviary, and prays as quickly as he can.

When he at last can get outside and light his cigarette, he finds a Jesuit comfortably sitting on the entrance stairs, his breviary on his knees, a pipe in his hand.

“You’re so lucky to be praying and smoking at the same time!” he says. “How did you get your superior to allow that? Mine forbids it.”

The Jesuit inquires: “so what did you ask your superior?”

“I asked him if it was allowed to smoke while praying, and he said no”, the Franciscan answers.

“Ah”, says the Jesuit, “that was the wrong question. I asked my superior if it was allowed to pray while smoking, and he said yes.”


I vape as a hobby. I have asked the Lord if it’s sinful to vape, but He hasn’t answered me yet. Vaping is somewhat similar to smoking, but it’s less harmful. I believe that it’s OK to vape or to smoke once in a while, as long as you are not addicted to it. St. Paul said "I will not be mastered by anything", so we should keep ourselves away from smoking/vaping as a compulsion.

I gave top smoking about 42 years ago. I started reading this thread because somewhere, deep down, I was hoping for a justification for starting again, even if it meant becoming a theist!

I quit cold turkey but it is difficult and I was in a rubbish mood for about two weeks after it I recall. Sheer cos made me quite and the realization of how much cash I was throwing away on these things.

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Pretty sure vaping can also be quite harmful. Because you don’t know what chemicals are in there.

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Smoking has no proper place in life. The use of tobacco is only sinful if used in excess but I cannot see how anyone could argue that smoking is or can be virtuous. To me that is nonsense.

Now know why I quite all those years ago. Yeeck!!

Now I need to eat some fudge brownies or cinnamon rolls to get that taste out of my mouth.

Some things in this life are amoral they are neither good or bad.

In the case of smoking just like drinking neither are evil with moderation obviously smoking has more health effects than drinking but I think it also depends on the frequency and type of tobacco you might consuming.

Cigarettes are the worst next to chew but smoking a cigar, pipe, or even snuffing can be relatively harmless if enjoyed occasionally or at least in moderation.

I don’t think any of the gentleman here that like myself enjoy a good pipe or cigar think that we are invincible from any harmful side effects or that we are somehow immortal like nothing can never happen to us.

I am concerned sometimes about cancer but just as much as getting into an automobile accident.

I’m reminded to be moderate with my use of tobacco and to drive safely.

Sometimes I take a break between a few weeks to months from smoking depending on how busy I am or if I am purposely taking a break.

I’ll be taking a break from tobacco during Lent and giving up flesh meat.

I wouldn’t let God’s silence on the matter deterre you from becoming a theist especially a Catholic.

I think sometimes the good Lord wants us to use prudence and common sense.

Some people do smoke premium cigarettes I’ve never had them but I know they exist and I’m sure cigarettes even with moderation from time to time can be morally fine.

I think the same with Hookah and I’ve been thinking about getting another one and smoking Hookah occasionally.

I don’t think I’ll go to Hell for smoking Hookah occasionally no more than a Pipe or a Cigar.

Even Fr Ripperger says that these things are fine he’s quite fond of Cigars and Beer but he gives thanks to God while enjoying these things.

If it becomes an idol and displaces God that’s a problem but enjoying something from time to time not so much.

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