Smurfs: the movie

Fellow CAF members, I have a new movie we should boycott. If we are successful, we can nip this in the bud before any sequels arrive.
Gaze upon the trailer link and fear: click here
Somewhere Peyo (the creator) is spinning in his grave.

it looks dumb but i don’t see any reason to boycott it :shrug:

That is hideous. Just hideous.

Luckily, there is nobody in my house who would have the least bit of interest in seeing this movie, so no problem there. Now, how do I get back the 1:47 I wasted while watching the trailer?

God will repay it ten fold, possibly by knocking of a million years of time in purgatory as watching that trailer truly was a penance. The old cartoon version wasn’t perfect or altogether true to the original source material, but it had a certain charm and warmth this seems to lack judging by that trailer.


Um…why in the world would anyone want to boycott this? Sure, it seems stupid. But just move on.

Boycotting everything just gives more attention to it.


I hadn’t thought of it like that, so thank you.

I think this was just a joke. I fell for it though.:o

Me as well than! :wink:

I want it boycotted because I want Hollywood to stop ruining my childhood with trash like this.

:rolleyes: Wow. First, it’s a spoof. Second…hollywood cannot “ruin” your childhood. It already happened, it’s passed. So what if they make a movie? I think the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “TMNT2” are amung the dumbest things on the face of the planet. It does not, however, in any way diminish the hours I spent with my brothers and cousins as a tyke playing “ninja turtles”.

Same goes for StarWars. Same goes for song remakes. Same goes for new foods. There’s nothing like a Yooo-hooo. But just becuase Yoo-hoo is rarer than the lock ness monster dosn’t mean that my childhood is ruined.

My playground from kindergarden is torn down and it’s sad. But life changes. Nothing can take away my good memories, nothing. And you’re going to be a sad, shallow, bitter person if you let a movie remake affect you.

I know, it seems like they’re trying to turn the smurfs into “edgy” crude, rude peddlers of low-brow humor. :frowning:

I had somewhat high expectations when I heard they were doing a live action/CGI version of the Smurfs with Hank Azaria as Gargamel. I somewhat enjoyed the new Alvin & the Chipmunk movies (:blush:). But the trailer is disappointing.

See that’s the thing. Smurfs is supposed to be good old wholesome stuff. And yes you can make a profit out of that.

I’m going to boycott boycotting.

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