Snakes and Arrows by Rush

Has anyone bought the CD yet, because I know there are some Rush fans who have it already. I love Rush’s musical qualities and this CD hits it out of the park and manages to have even some catchy choruses and it can’t get any better with 3 instrumentals. It seems like Peart really had an axe to grind, and lots of the lyrics seem anti-religious compared to his older lyrics. Maybe someone would like to discuss.

I do not have the latest Rush CD, but I am very familiar with the band. Neil Peart has always been influenced by Ayn Rand, an atheist who was the founder of the objectivist movement.

Peart’s lyrics frequently reflect Rand’s philosophy. For instance, in “Tom Sawyer”, the lyric states, “Though his mind is not for rent to any god or government.”

Regarding the album 2112: "Where did the story of 2112 come from?
‘The inspiration behind it was … It’s difficult always to trace those lines because so many things tend to coalesce, and in fact it ended up being quite similar to a book called Anthem by the writer Ayn Rand. But I didn’t realize that while I was working on it, and then eventually as the story came together, the parallels became obvious to me and I thought, ‘Oh gee, I don’t want to be a plagiarist here.’ So I did give credit to her writings in the liner notes.’ - Neil Peart, in the December 2, 1991 “Rockline” interview

I just got hold of it. Musically, it’s not nearly as hard-edged as Vapor Trails, and I’m pretty impressed after my first listen, unlike after VT.

I understand that the topic of whether Neil Peart is atheist gets bandied about frequently on boards like these. In any event, he’s not some angst-ridden 20-something; he and his band mates are well into their fifties.

Well, those who feel he is atheist will have more ammo with a couple of songs in particular:

Excerpt from “Armor and Sword”:

We hold beliefs as a consolation
A way to take us out of ourselves
Meditation, or medication
A comfort, or a promised reward

Sometimes that spirit is too strong
Or the flesh is too weak
Sometimes the need is just too great
For the solace that we seek
The suit of shining armor
Becomes a keen and bloody sword

A refuge for the coming night
A future of eternal light
No one gets to their heaven without a fight


The battle flags are flown
At the feet of a god unknown

And here’s the song “Faithless”:

I’ve got my own moral compass to steer by
A guiding star beats a spirit in the sky
And all the preaching voices –
Empty vessels ring so loud
As they move among the crowd
Fools and thieves are well disguised
In the temple and marketplace

Like a stone in the river
Against the floods of spring
I will quietly resist

Like the willows in the wind
Or the cliffs along the ocean
I will quietly resist

I don’t have faith in faith
I don’t believe in belief
You can call me faithless
You can call me faithless
But I still cling to hope
And I believe in love
And that’s enough for me

I’ve got my own spirit level for balance
To tell if my choice is leading up or down
And all the shouting voices
Try to throw me off my course
Some by sermons, some by force
Fools and thieves are dangerous
In the temple and marketplace


Like a forest bows to winter
Beneath the deep white silence
I will quietly resist

Like a flower in the desert
That only blooms in the night
I will quietly resist


I’m sure this will generate a lot of mail Neil’s way, but it wouldn’t be the first time. All I have to say is . . . at least he’s honest.

No, I won’t be pushing to have any of this sung at Mass. :smiley:

Cygnus, I can tell by your name you enjoy Rush so what are your likes and dislikes of this album? I really like the use of acoustic guitar more and it sounds great. I like the overall eastern kind of feel to the album also

My personal favorites are:

The Way The Wind Blows-Great Chorus, probably the best one Geddy has ever sang, and awesome wailing solo from Lerxst. This has become one of my favorite all time Rush songs

The Main Monkey Business-Definitley a awesome instrumental. Really the only way to explain it.

Far Cry-Nice song to open the album with. Catchy chorus and great opening.

The Larger Bowl-I love that Peart wrote a Pantoum. Love the solo in it.

Hope-This song is simply beautiful. Lerxst really shines.

Malignant Narcissism-Even though it is short it is probably one of the most unique tracks on the CD. Love the bass line and the tradeoffs with Pratt.

Workin’ them Angels-This song I liked first run through.

The other songs I haven’t really listened to as in depth as these but these are definitley the highlights of the album. This really felt like a album where Lerxst shines, compared to VT with Peart upon his return shining in the last album. I definitley like this album better than VT though. Better sound quality and doesn’t sound so generic.

It’s out already?!?!!!
Where can I get a copy?!

Oh mannn, how good is “The Trees”?! I love the message too - in shorthand “Communism sucks”

You could try Rush’s official website.

I’m still digesting it. But so far I can say that this is an even darker album than VT, more cerebral and didactic. I do like that there’s a little more variety for Lerxst, but even the tone of the music is a bit heavy-laden. I think the songs are well done, but I’d have a hard time picturing myself at a concert getting excited about them.

While Neil talks about the themes I mentioned upthread, it’s not the first time he’s visited many of them.

Not saying that Rush ought to become pop or anything, and after nearly 35 years they’ve earned the right to do what they want, but I do wish they’d lightened up just a little. I’ll say more as the muse hits.

One of my favorite Rush songs that makes me think is Nobody’s Hero on the Counterparts CD.

How funny, I totally thought this thread was about Rush Limbaugh making nasty comments about someone or something (snakes and arrows…)!!! I didn’t know RUSH still made music. :rotfl:

Now back to your regularly scheduled thread…

Some of us actually enjoy the music instead of that man full of hot air.

So anyone going to see them this summer?

You have no idea how badly I want to… it stinks being broke. :mad:
I have been to several Rush concerts, and all I can say is WOW. :smiley:
Geddy Lee is my hero. I gotta scrape up enough pennies to get this new album!

I would see them for sure if they would actually come to my country!!!

Have they toured Australia in the past?

Check out Each computer/IP Address gets 25 free song plays/month. I listened to the entire Snakes & Arrows CD on there.

It’s alright, I have bought it already, but thanks for the tip!

Lak - I don’t know if they’ve toured Australia in the past, I’m probably too young to know, I only got into them a couple of years ago.

I saw Rush in concert back in 1991 on the “Presto” tour. I originally discovered them in 1981, when I was only 12.

I think Rush did have a decidedly pop feel to their songs in the 80’s, particularly on songs like “Lock and Key” and “Time Stand Still”. Hold Your Fire was probably their most “poppy” sounding album.

They were just here in Cleveland last week, but I could not afford to go. :frowning: I just downloaded Snakes and Arrows off of iTunes today. I give more comments after I listen to it a few times.

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