Snappy answers to stupid questions about your big family



wish i’d had some of those lines when i was pregnant with our 5th last year


That was hilarious! When I was on my 5th, people kept asking "Are you a mormon or something?" By the time I had my 7th, they kind of quit commenting!!!


My mother told me that when I was very young someone showed surprise upon hearing that there were 8 kids in our family, and I turned to them and said, "We're Irish Catholic" as an explanation. I had no idea what that meant but she was mortified. This happened in the early 60's when, apparently, people didn't say things like that in polite company. :shrug:


I’ve heard the TV one so many times I am surprised when I don’t hear it! I’ll be using that comeback from now on!


Q: Don’t you have a TV?
A: If you think TV is better than sex, then you are doing it wrong.

This was the only funny one… the rest were just awkward. :frowning:

edit: the comments below the article still have some pretty good ones


We have four boys, and it seems that we don't usually get the rude comments that some other parents of 3, 4, or more children often report. I think it's partly because ours are all boys, and people think that we must have kept trying for a girl. (If only they knew that my wife got her wish for another boy with each of the last two pregnancies!) I also think it's partly because we live in a sparsely populated area on the border between the South and the Midwest, where large families are probably not quite so unusual as they might be in large cities on the coasts. Really, I would say that we get more positive comments than negative, which is pleasantly surprising.

We do get the "you sure have your hands full" comment a lot, but I actually don't view that as being so negative. In fact, it's very true, we DO have our hands full. We are as busy as can be with these kids, especially my wife. They tire us out, try our patience, frustrate us, and generally make life very challenging on a daily basis. But we love them and wouldn't have it any other way. As someone said on the NCRegister article's comments, it's much better to have our hands full than empty!


My favorite one that was posted in the comments to that article is this one:

When people ask my best friend if she knows “what causes that”, she answers, “We used to think it was sex, but if that was it we’d have hundreds by now!”


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