Sneezed after Communion

After Communion at Mass I sneezed into my shirt. I had already swallowed The Host, but I am concerned about small particles that may have flown out of my mouth and into the fabric of my shirt. After all this I checked my shirt and noticed a small white spot dried on my shirt. I then rubbed the spot with my finger to see if it would rub off. I am now worried small pieces of the Host got on my hand, and went down the drain when I later eased my hands. Should I be worried about this whole situation?

No. If you have problems with scrupulosity you should discuss it with your confessor.

Please speak with someone regarding scrupulosity.

God knows your heart, he knows you weren’t trying to desecrate the Eucharist. It was an accident. You are fine, be at peace.

EDIT: I am not even sure if that white spot was the Host. Maybe I am being a bit scrupulous.

You are definitely being too scupulous. Whatever is causing your scrupulousness you need help. Ask your confessor what to do about it.

Sounds to me as if this time you were scrupulous. Talk with your confessor or spiritual director about whether you are scrupulous all the time.

I’m just worried a piece of The Host is in the septic tank :frowning:

Once it has been in your mouth and chewed the Real Presence in you. You really need to talk to your confessor about your scrupulosity.

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