SNL 9-27 Sarah Palin Skit

Thought Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin skit was rather lame and uninspiring…I like satire and humor, but who thought it was at all funny? I think SNL was pushing the envelope in trying to make Palin look like an air head and stupid…Think it back fired…

I don’t care who you are voting for, I thought that skit was a riot. Tina Fey was a dead ringer for Palin. It was the funniest thing SNL has done in 20 years.

I agree, I like the satire, but thought the question and answers ( the whole skit) was written without a lot of effort…

Now watching the Debate Skit (hope funnier):slight_smile:

I didn’t think the Palin skit or the debate skit was very funny. But I did get a chuckle from the Clinton interview.

As perverse as Clinton was, I gotta admit, I like the guy.

Indeed, Clinton always good no matter what he says, I liked it too.

first, i think tina fey is overrated. i don’t know why her show 30 rock (not sure of spelling) is so popular. i tried watching it a couple of times, but found it very stupid, as are most sitcoms.

since i was around when SNL first began, i remember when the show was funny and worth watching. i guess the only reason i watch it sometimes now is hoping i might catch a classic funny moment, which rarely happens. sometimes i might want to catch a musical act.

i saw the skit where tina fey portrayed palin and amy was hillary.
i don’t like the way all of the liberals are being so mean spirited in their attacks against sarah palin. that skit was okay, i didn’t really like the way they made fun of her, but then the following week in a skit they went over the line accusing sarah’s husband of improper relations with their daughters and that is when i decided i would never watch that show again. why people thought that was funny is beyond me. it just showed how low the liberals will go to bring down someone who they feel threatened by or are jealous of and i thought it was uncalled for.

FYI, after that first Palin/Hillary skit you mentioned, Chevy Chase was on a morning show shortly after and thought Fey was too easy on her. He wanted her to go after Palin as if that was the whole purpose of the skit. Maybe TV is forgetting that a lot of the audience is made up of more than people that just have their views. I too, have been watching the show since 1975 and have seen a lot of great seasons and a lot of really bad ones. This one has some potential, but maybe they’re overdoing the political stuff…

I thought the Palin-Clinton skit was a scream. Tina Fey nailed the look, the accent…I had to look twice!

SNL spoofs everyone, although I wouldn’t say they are bipartisan or fair. I wondered what kind of treatment they would give Palin - good, bad, indifferent?

It wasn’t too bad - I thought they let “Palin” get a zinger in but that’s only because I saw it the same way a few bloggers did:

Clinton: I believe diplomacy should be the cornerstone of any foreign policy.
Palin: And I can see Russia from my house.

In SNL land the second answer is meant to sound stupid. In the real world, the second answer is the better one.

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H/T to Fivefeetoffury -thanks for the validation.

I thought the Palin/Hillary skit was tremendously funny. It really played on the idea that Palin was whisked out of obscurity to potentially be president, while Hillary worked very hard and came up with nothing.

But last night’s Palin/Couric skit was bad. It portrayed Palin as an air-head, which she is anything but. The only good joke in the skit came at the end, about how she acts “when cornered”.

For those who didn’t see the skit, you can watch it here:
(you will have to watch a 15 second commercial first)

When Saturday Night Live first came on the air, some parts were funny, but the immoral desire to “push the envelope of what people find acceptable” (which means objectionable) started pretty early on. Buck Henry played a pervert in a few as did Dan Akroyd. And like the rest of the media, as the 1970s faded into the 1980s, things just got worse.

It’s too bad it’s still on. I watched a few episodes in the 1990s and had enough.

God bless,

i just wanted to comment that i live in the southwest, so when i saw the thread, i thought they were talking about the skit from a week or so ago. then SNL came on here and i realized they were talking about last night’s skit.

i really think they are being too hard on her. if i were still in my
20’s, i probably would be laughing too, but this has all happened pretty fast for sarah palin and i think she is holding up better than i could under the same circumstances with the cruel attacks.

i agree, the end of the skit was funny about what she does if she is cornered.

i didn’t watch the interview with katie couric. i saw her with sean hannity and charlie gibson and didn’t think she did that bad.

yes, SNL always pushed the envelope. they worked so hard at being cool. i just don’t find their type of comedy funny anymore.
unless christopher walken comes on. he always is fun to watch as a host.

More Cow Bell!

love the cow bell !!!

I was around when SNL began also. I can’t ever remember it being funny or worth watching.

Me too!!!

MORE COW BELL!!! :thumbsup:

Tina Fey is outstanding! She is so on target as Palin. I think that’s what scares people. I can NOT take Palin seriously as a VP.

I love SNL and consider one of the fairest shows on the air when it comes to presenting a balanced viewpoint.

Have any of you seen the episode that Sen. McCain was on a few years ago?! It was sooooooo funny, especially the skit where he sang “People” and imitated Barbra Streisand!

And there was a great skit when Charleton Heston was on–he played Moses, and as he stood giving the Ten Commandments, “Bill Clinton” stepped up and objected to “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” It was really hilarious.

They used to do tons of skits about Bill Clinton when he was president. One thing about SNL is that they don’t play favorites, although I am wondering if they’ve done any Obama skits yet?

I personally would love to see skits with “Michelle Obama” and “Cindy McCain” debating each other. I can see it now–it always starts out civil and frosty.

Ms. McCain: “Dear, surely you can see that MY husband has the only sensible plan for the economy.”

Ms. Obama: “Darling, I can see nothing of the sort. I believe you’re laboring under a delusion, for it is MY husband who has the sensible plan for the economy.”

…and so on, and eventually the polite words disintegrate into name-calling and cat-fighting, and both ladies end up mud-wrestling and ripping their business suits off and having to be dragged away by their husbands.

I think this would make a great recurring skit from now until the election.

But of course, the “Cat” will always enjoy a good “cat fight.”

I LOVED the Bob Dole skits with Norm McDonald, and it was really great when Bob Dole actually appeared on the show!

At Christmas, SNL is one of the FEW shows on network television that actually does skits about the REASON for the Season, Jesus! And they are GOOD skits! There was one where two Italian grandmothers were fighting about who had the better manger scene, and then one of them picked up the Baby Jesus to throw at the other one, and then a little girl street caroler asked, “What are they doing with Baby Jesus?” The two Italian grandmas looked at each other, embraced, and were friends again. To me, THAT is a fantastic skit (for secular television) and tells an excellent Christian gospel!

Finally, after 9/11, SNL was amazing. Patriotic, positive, All-American, supportive of the President. The skit with Will Farrell showing up at the office dressed in patriotic boxers was soooo funny (and kind of gross)!

I know that many of you don’t think the show is funny, and that’s OK. But I like it. I happen to think that the weakest years were the early years, when most of the humor gravitated around abuse of drugs and alcohol. Yuck. I think the funniest years were the Dana Carvey/Mike Meyers/Will Farrell/Chris Farley/Sheri O’ Teri/Molly Shannon years.

LOVED the “Schweaty Balls” skit! and the “Rich Meister” skits! Also Mr. Peepers. And SPROCKETS! And “Goth Talk.” and of course, “Wayne’s World.” And “Church Lady–so true!”

And IMO, the funniest skit ever on SNL is definitely Cowbell! I destroyed a concert at my kids’ school a few years back. I was a guest pianist, and when I finished my piece, I sat with the kids. One of the ensemble numbers was a Latin piece, and I whispered to the kid next to me, “Needs more cowbell.” Well, that kid cracked up and passed the comment down, who cracked up and passed it down, and so on until within a few minutes, everyone in the auditorium was cracking up. The poor musicians! I wasn’t a Catholic at the time or I would have gone to Confession over that one! I don’t think anyone ever figured out that the frumpy dumpy piano mom started the fiasco at the concert!

yes, the SNL players you mentioned were good and they could put on some funny skits.

i do remember john mccain singing the streisand songs and that was hilarious.

i used to enjoy their political skits. i also remember bill clinton and the 10 commandments.

yes, last night their skit had obama in it.

i just don’t think that Tina Fey is as much of a comedic genius as they give her credit for. and like i said, i watched her pick up emmys last week for the stupid tv show 30 rock which is so dumb.
the sitcom on american tv is not what it used to be. i can’t sit through one. they are moronic.
i can only wonder what they are doing to the minds of people who sit in front of their tv sets night after night watching these sitcoms.
there might be a couple, like the office, which are worth watching.

the hollywood tv actors think way too much of themselves, just like the hollywood cinema actors.

Fey did a great job with the skit. The whole thing was top-notch!

Hey guys, I think Tina Fey is doing Palin again this week, Oct 4th. I am throwing on a new thread during the new show. If anyone wants to join in “live” might be interesting…

Hope to talk to you then…

i don’t know if you are east coast or midwest, but i am in the southwest. it comes on at 10:30 here which is 1:30 east coast time i think. unless the clock has changed already.
so those of us in the west might be behind. i didn’t check to see if your location is on your post.
considering the debate is thursday, i am sure that they will do a skit of the debate. let’s hope she doesn’t give them a lot to work with!! sounds fun to start a thread though and we can always post our opinions of the show or the skit.

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