SNL skit provides checklist on President Obama's accomplishments

Just days after the announcement that Rio de Janeiro would be hosting the 2016 Olympics, NBC’s Saturday Night Live took an opportunity to review President Obama’s accomplishments in its opening skit.

The Clintons have been fond of blaming their troubles on a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” particularly when the mainstream media is not siding with their needs and causes. And for their part, the right has complained that the media favors more liberal endeavors. But NBC’s Saturday Night Live is a different environment entirely, having seen a resurgence in viewers last season with their portrayal of the presidential election. Tina Fey’s take on Sarah Palin was particularly popular.

Video at source.


Nice to see the media now taking a closer look at the man.

They have gone from seeing the President they all dreamed of to an empty suit.

While a step forward, they still aren’t seeing the reality.

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