SNL's "blind skit"

Last night on SNL, they did a spoof of Dave Patterson and the fact that he’s blind. They portrayed him as a stumbling idiot. People are saying that they may have gone too far. Honestly, I think they have with this one.

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Gee, think of the fun they could have had with FDR!

There’s plenty of comic potential in the situation; among those being considered are Caroline Kennedy, Atty. Gen. Andrew Cuomo (son of Gov. Mario Cuomo and recently divorced from a Kennedy, and Fran Dresher, she of the chalk-on-a-blackboard voice.

I think the Governor should spin a series of wheels to determine who gets the Senate seat, one for gender, one for geography, one for ethnicity, &c.

i thought they portrayed HIM as an idiot because he is, not because being blind makes you an idiot. sure they poked fun at it, but thats part of being a politician.

is george w. really as dumb as he appears on that show? did clinton love mcdonalds as much as they played it up? its a comedy show.

personally i think some people are mad that a hard left show went after one of their own, and SOME people in any group, blinds in this case, will get offended over the smallest thing because of insecurities.

it was tastless, but what do they do that isnt. its a comedy and i think everyone should just let it go.

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