Snow Day!


Anyone else have a snow day today?

As I like to say to my hubby…

It’s snow fun. Get it? sNOw fun.

As you can tell, I think I am losing my mind. Monkeys, monkeys everywhere, and I only have 2!

The only problem is that we can’t actually play outside because it is -15 degree wind chill.


I wish!!! But it has been fun sitting at my desk on the 24th floor and watching the snow fall :).


We’ve had two days in a row in which school was cancelled due to dangerously cold weather (though I suspect Minnesotans and update New Yorkers would scoff at the notion of -2F being dangerously cold).

I’m at work, and don’t envy my wife’s position at all. She’s the one who has to deal with 4 children today instead of the usual 2.


Western New Yorkers are now officially weather wimps. School has been cancelled for the second day.


Oh, now come one. We are not!

They closed our schools because the buses wouldn’t run. I think that is a pretty good reason. :wink:

Today is only our first day off.


I’d like to qualify for that wimp position too. Please Mr. Bossman? :smiley: There is NO shame in being wimpy when it gets you outta work.


Indeed! :rotfl:


DD is home for 2nd day in a row with her kids, neighbors, and relatives’ kids (SIL is in LA–no comment). She sounds okay, not desperate (yet) but man is it noisy over there. good news is that those she is babysitting for are bringin in meals for everyone.


Although, a bunch of people (football fans) were probably crying like babies on Sunday here in my town.

Utility poles went down and 1,000 people lost power at 5:30PM. It didn’t return until 10:30 PM. It was about 5 degrees out.


I’m down state from you Chicago folks… Let’s see… Yesterday dd school canceled and there was no snow, just cold. DS had school. This morning dd had school and ds did not…then dd called to say they were dismissing at 11:18am. So dh left work and picked her up then dropped her off at DQ so he didn’t have to drive her 20 mi home then 20 mi back for 3 hours of work. The dh’s boss told him to go home cause he felt sorry for dd having to sit at DQ for 3 hours. So dh, ds, and dd are home and I am at work right now.

Umm Chicago peeps… I am coming up there tomorrow am… I hope your roads are clear! Oldest ds and I are going to a Microsoft seminar at McCormick Place.


I’m sure they’ll be clear by then…what interstate are you taking in? The city streets are always clear - it’s the sidewalks you have to watch out for!


Hee hee, I agree. I don’t remember having too many snow days growing up that involved anything other than FEET of snow. I definitely do not remember getting off school because it’s too cold!

Oh my goodness, I hadn’t heard that! We didn’t lose power, thank goodness, or I would’ve been one of the crying babies!! :crying:



Most of the drive is on I-57 (108 miles) then I-94 for 4 mi and I-90 for 4 mi


I know…I know!!
My son has had two days in a row off now and let me tell you our school system NEVER CLOSES!!!
It’s like PLEASE let there be school tomorrow!!




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