Snow in All 50 States?

They are watching FL, if it snows there, there will be snow in all 50 states.

Continental US Snow Coverage is at 67%

Uh - oh! The end times people will think it’s a sign.

:DI’m not sure all 50. I don’t believe it snows in Hawaii.

Hawaii snow pictures

Yep, it snows in Hawaii, but only on the mountains. Supposedly, there are ski slopes on the Big Island.

I know it’s snowing here in the northern part of Louisiana.

It’s snowing in the mountains in Washington and Oregon, but we have had a very warm winter in the valleys. Daffodils and crocuses are blooming now, and they usually don’t bloom until mid-March. A very early Spring this year.

We got 2" yesterday in south Louisiana just outside of Baton Rouge.

I live well to the north of you, but our snow has been abnormal as well. Usually, we get anywhere from 1 to 3 snows per year, most of which is usually gone by the end of the following day. This year, it has been day after day after day with snow on the ground, and snow after snow after snow.

The last two winters it was mainly the ice storms, which were also unusual. The last three summers have been unusually cool as well.

Global warming.:rolleyes:

My friend got a raise last week…Recession, :rolleyes:. Same fallacy.

On another note, South Pennsylvania got pounded with about two feet and is going to get hit again on Monday night. Hooray for college snow days and sledding down the steps of academic buildings!

You know, instead of hogging all the snow for yourselves, why don’t you Americans send a little bit to the Vancouver Olympic slopes, where it might actually serve some useful purpose.


I have a professor who taught a class basically teaching how to discuss the “Fact” of global warming with our churches. The quotes are mine, he truly believes in it. Well I think that we could use some ‘global warming’ right now, because I am sick of these days where we are in the low twenties when we should be in the mid to high thirties.

Trust me, I wish I could. I’m sick of it. :smiley:

Global warming has my vote too.

Normally, we would be in the fifties, forties and nighttime thirties. It has been colder than that for a good two months now; almost three. We almost always get a few days in the sixties during February; occasionally in the low 70s. The month is not yet gone, but we have gotten nowhere close to that, and I don’t see anything like it in the forecast.

It’s one of the peculiarities of this area that, barring snow or ice, one can pasture cattle year-round, and be prepared to feed hay only for about a week all told. Needless to say, nobody has been able to pasture for a good month and a half.

Yes, I am looking forward to the vote on the “global warming” issue. My vote is “aye”. :rolleyes:

We flew it in as requested:

Haha, so much for global warming. But I heard it was 49 states, Hawaii being the hold out. :wink:

Snow ski Hawaii, ski slope diagram and photos

Haha! Thanks. So it’s all fifty states. Poor Al Gore. He must be hiding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Was watching the Weather Channel today.

Mauna Kea at 13000 feet has snow.


Worth evaluating in greater detail.

We’ve had hardly any snow this year.I live on the North Shore of Lake Erie,so while Buffalo gets hammered we get very little

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