Snow predicted for Sacramento

Snow predicted for Sacramento…

The cold storm system dropping from the northeast out of Canada will be unusual since the coldest temperatures will bypass Northern California communities such as Red Bluff and Redding but drop Sacramento Valley temperatures Monday to a record 27 degrees.

That’s the coldest for Dec. 7 since the National Weather Service began tracking temperatures in Sacramento in1849.

Confound that global warming! If it gets much hotter, within another ten years, we’ll all be under two miles of ice.

I think we are so lucky to have global warming…Just think how cold it would be if we didn’t:rotfl:


Well it is obviously man’s fault.
If we hadn’t been messing with the environment for the last 1/2 century the climate wouldn’t change!


sigh cold temperature records and snow can still occur in a warming world. Global warming does not mean the entire planet will suddenly turn into a sauna in which cold weather never happens.

Gee, snow in Sacramento? Must be nice. I live in surburban Cincinnati…you know, one of those parts of the country that people used to leave in droves, in part because they hated the winters here and thought the place was dreary. (Admittedly, it IS one of the most pathetic places to live in the U.S. I detest living here. But I digress.)

And NOW to hear that one of those places that people flocked TO is getting snow before we’ve even seen a flake around here…? Hmmm, interesting. So far this year, Dallas and Houston have seen snow, along with a major storm that just went up the east coast. Now they are expecting yet more snow in the upper midwest and Michigan. In the meantime, this joke of a city I live in is only expecting rain this week.

I guess I’ll have to move to California now if I want to see snow. Or maybe Miami. I’m sure they will see snow there before we see anything here.

I live just south of Ottawa Ontario (Canada). We only had a dusting of snow one morning a week or so ago. :slight_smile: The grass is still, um, not white.
(I don’t think we’ll be as lucky this week though.)

Or Bush’s fault.

Are we allowed to blame God since he designed the world and the natural cooling and warming that is going on and has been going on since he created it?

God just better wait…i will get pass the bar in less than two years…then i am suing!!! :smiley:

You can keep your snow!!! My school final got moved from Friday to next sunday because of the snow. The city shut down friday beause Houstonians are not the best of drivers during normal conditions so adding snow and ice is just a bad idea. We are just not set up to deal with it. Hurricanes we can deal with…snow…not so much…And to think we only got 1 to 2 inches and it only stuck on the grass, buildings and cars.

On my thread in the family area a women in Moscow Russia was upset that we got snow before her. She final got some yesterday…

Oh, I am SOOOO eating my words this morning. :blush: I posted that message last night, and woke up this morning to see a 1/8" dusting of snow on the ground. No lie. I’m actually surprised, because we rarely get any sort of covering this early in the season. Maybe there’s hope after all for a really snowy Winter where I live.

Over 1/2 of the US is now covered in snow:

Area Covered By Snow:53.4%

Actually, the hockey stick shows almost just that. In reality what the record shows is that we are gradually coming out of an ice age with gradual warming which has leveled off the last 10 years or so.

Not sure where they are getting their information from, because that itty bitty amount of snow we got was gone in a few hours. I assure you Ohio is NOT covered in snow right now. I can look out my window and promise that. In fact, it’s pouring down rain right now. :shrug:

The Climategate scandal, record cold spells in peculiar places like Houston and Sacramento, and now a record-setting 20 inches in Flagstaff, AZ …

For the Gaia cult of AGW followers, these times must be something like the great tribulation. The faith of many will be shaken, and Lo! They will not be found worthy of paradise (the new socialist world utopia) that was prophesized.

Here’s a better map showing snow depth in inches

Area Covered By Snow:55.5%

That’s certainly a more realistic look at where I live today. Bunch of wind blowing through today. I’d LOVE to be in one of those dark purple areas on that map. Where I live is pathetic when it comes to getting decent snow.

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