Snowden hasn't submitted the required documents for clemency


White House: Snowden hasn’t submitted the required documents for clemency

There was a rumor that he would be pardoned by Obama but I guess that isn’t in the cards.


I think there’s a big difference between the Snowden and Manning cases: the latter has admitted full responsibility, acknowledged the wrongdoing, has been subject to the appropriate legal processes. AFAIK, Edward Snowden still denies he did anything wrong (and far from admitting his guilt, is currently living in a country which isn’t exactly the United States’ biggest diplomatic pal).

Whatever one might think of Obama’s general liberal tendencies, he’s shown throughout the last 8 years that he takes intelligence and security matters seriously, and to give clemency to Snowden right now would by implication vindicate all of what Snowden claims (ie that he wasn’t in any way, shape or form wrong).


Not only that, but I think Snowden was not a fan of Obama and Obama knows that. Obama is one to hold a grudge. I might be wrong. He still has over 48 hours to surprise us!


I wouldn’t bother filling out any paperwork if I were Snowden. Villain or un-sung hero, if he wants to stay out of prison, he had better stay put.


Prison is the least of his worries. Enhanced interrogation at Gitmo is probably the best he can expect.


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