Snowden Movie

Still, the relationship between Lindsay and Edward is the key to the film, since it establishes what is at stake for the hero as he faces the conflicting demands of love and duty. It also affirms that he is a nice, normal, humble guy, neither a zealot nor an egomaniac. Not everyone will agree with this — Donald J. Trump, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are all prominent nonmembers of the Edward Snowden fan club — but “Snowden” makes its case with skill and discretion.

I liked the film very much and it might be wise to mention this to your friends who are voting in this election that Snowden is Obama’s Achilles heel.

Not sure how that matters, as BHO is not a candidate, but hope to see it anyhow.


no, but the successor to his legacy is a candidate-Hillary.

I saw the movie yesterday. I really liked it too. Better than I was expecting.

Thanks for the recommendation - I had never even heard of this film.

Oliver Stone, whom I always considered to be quite left of center made the movie … and in it Snowden is criticised by both Clinton and Trump in their commentaries.

Hillary’s ardent opposition to what Snowden did looks a little more peculiar now in the wake of the email scandal.

I saw the movie and liked it The love story too.

The scariness of the issues it deals with escalate per the news that the US is giving up some of its control over the Internet to foreign powers now. :eek:

Like we ever controlled the internet.

Sadly, the film is not currently playing where I am. Shall have to wait for it to hit the discount screens.


This easily could have been PG-13 or even PG with some more editing. The profanity was unnecessary, and the sex scene was absolutely gratuitous – nobody was wondering about Snowden’s love life. And it was way too long – over two hours.

Very surprised nobody on this thread has mentioned the far-superior documentary “Citizenfour,” which won an Oscar for Best Documentary and which quite literally (and liberally) frames much of the story in “Snowden.” I don’t recall there being any sleazy sex scenes in “Citizenfour” – which is by far the better movie and far more suitable for anyone curious about Snowden.

2h is way too long? Most pictures are approximately that long or more.

Possibly no-one has mentioned the documentary because it was released even more limitedly than Snowden. I’d never heard of it until now.


First time I ever heard of Citizen four.

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